Comfort In Crisis

Dear Xerx’ses,

I bring news of joy from the depths of despair- Luur’na and I are to wed! She has been my rock through despair, and has been essential to me, and our people. Our only wish is that you would be here! We are to wed on Algor 1! It will be a joyous celebration!

Speaking of celebrations, there is much that you have done that should be celebrated! The Serelan tribe and ours have joined in an alliance that will help us both fight evil! Soon we shall join together to fight the Loijurkan tribe, and strike a blow for the Light! We are all in need of some revenge!

Mergerij returned to us, barely able to stand. He is the reason I am able to send this note, for he stated that you told him to! He has shared that Groun’na, with his followers, including Zii’clymnt, have gone to the island of Çynopolis. There were at least 40 minotaurs left in his group when he sailed away. I fear that we have not seen the last of them.

The new leadership have talked, and I have been elected the new leader. I have placed upon that one condition- that if you return, I will turn leadership to you, my brother. We are considering moving to the Serelan caves after we fight the Loijurkan, to present a stronger tribe. What is your opinion?

I hope that the Gods will allow you to attend our wedding, but I understand if it is not to be.

Be strong in the Light!
Zeelik Stonemace

Sent on the 23rd of Pegasus, the year 111, to Mishala as instructed by Xerx’ses and Mergerij.






Pictures, left to right, from DeconZR and Maugh.

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