Book One: Page-16


Here is Chip with his Energy Trident (powered up), Surfer Shorts, Green Wetsuit Top, Mage Armor (Rifter 2 – TW Imitator Armor). Once I realized he had a trident the obvious reference to use for his body was Aquaman. I also added the outline of the Zombas to the targeting screen for Bexx. He’s not looking at it on purpose because he is a Mind Melter and using Telemechanics to run the ship!

I think I like this font size and will try it out for the word bubbles over the next few pages.

Enjoy, see everyone next Saturday!

‘CLICK HERE’ for the log this comic is inspired by.

5 Responses to “Book One: Page-16

  • Love the Bexx pic with the target screen in back!

  • Great work on the Zombas. Love the Power Trident. Have you thought of making the naration bubbles a different color? Other comics use a desaturated pale yellow. To set it apart from the dialog bubbles. Keep up the great work!

  • That is a good idea, M.G.H., I think I can try and do that next time.

  • I like how the sea creature overlaps into multiple panels. Very clever.

  • This is done so good.

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