Book One: Page-18


I can’t wait to get to the next page and draw Elanu!
I have used M.G.H.’s idea to color the narration parts in a pale yellow. I hope you like the specialized bubble for the radio talk.
‘CLICK HERE’ for the log this comic is inspired by.

7 Responses to “Book One: Page-18

  • Sweet! The naration box is perfect. I love the radio bubble, too. Is there an onomatopoeia you could use to simulate the radio sound in/out (i.e. -schk- CHIP! -schk-)? At first, I didn’t recognize it as a radio simply from the dialog…I thought it was someone yelling. Of course, I’ll know for the future bc of the bubble…but, nonetheless a radio sound or possibly lingo (i.e. CHIP!…Do you copy?…over.) may make it instantly recognized. Though, that lingo makes it look too long.

    Can’t waitvto meet Elanu!

    • I don’t think once I get them to Palladium that I will not have that issue. I will keep it in mind for other items though.

  • Lol! So true!

  • This game has given you a ton of resource.

  • I like the sunset effect on here. I also didn’t know it was a radio. I thought someone was yelling from the beach. But the story makes a little more sense now.

  • I actually like the interaction best- captures well the way 2 old friends go back and forth.

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