Book One: Page-20


It is starting to come together, I wanted to show off Overkill’s tattoos for the Redbeard, Alg Barbarians (Rifter #38) on the left shoulder, and his name in runes on his back. Normally, this would be covered up by clothing and I didn’t want his tattoos to go without some time in the spotlight. I thought it would also be awesome to include the actual log in the comic.

‘CLICK HERE’ for the log this comic is inspired by.

4 Responses to “Book One: Page-20

  • Best scene yet. Serious chills when I recognized Overkill…which was near instantly. Awesome!

  • Love the tats, and great work on the style. My favorite page so far.

  • I really like the layout on this one. And the coloring of the wood and the flesh is fantastic. I agree. Best page yet.

  • This was so cool to see Overkill come out. You have done so well on this.

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