Commander Gleba, Reporting

A Bardic General

Xerx’ses and the other members of CrIsis-

I have been rather busy since I left you. I made friends with some individuals in Cyclone that were of like mind, and I traveled to Titania. There I have gained more allies. Jase Wendryn, a fellow bard, and friend of Malkin Falimede, has sent me a full transcript of U’Selekma’s troubling speech. I had known that he was to be in Caer Itom for the Festival of Thoth, as he was my replacement.

I have just arrived back in Cyclone, to check first if you were here, and second to make sure Rogtilda was still safe. He is sitting peacefully at port, and I did board- he asked about all of you, and said that he was very lonely. The Golem protector has kept all away.

Xerx’ses, I am taking your advice, and had already begun. I have gathered 4 Titans, 2 elves, a Cyclops, 2 orcs, and 2 humans to our cause. We are paying for a ship to take us to Mishala, where I hope to meet with the infamous Sulyott the All-Knowing. After that I will make my way back home to the Western Empire. I am supposed to perform at both the Festival of Anubis and the Festival of the Pantheon of Taut in Caer Itom.

Do not lose heart yourselves! I have prayed earnestly each and every day, at each moment of rest. The Lord of Wisdom himself, Thoth, answered, and told me where to send this! He said that your spirits were in need of uplift! Please let me know where you go in the future so I may let you know what I find in both Mishala and Caer Itom.

I personally fear that the Dark is trying to goad the Light into open warfare, with Palladium itself as the battleground! Have Faith! Do not sway from your quest! I will gladly accept your Commander title, and attempt to sway others to your side! We will win this war without a Godly battle on this world, for we are smarter, and stronger in our resolve!

The Dark flees from the Light
See how the Sun conquers the Night
If a Candle is lit
The Dark runs from it!

When faced by the Dark’s hungry maw
Defeat it by the power of Law
For remember for all the Blight
Your faith should be Bright.

Written by Terramore Gleba on the 28th of Thoth in the 22nd year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.

Fighting Bard picture from Tolkien Across the Water.

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