Crew Meet Ursus

Another Sailor’s Tale

Excerpts from Stefried Sailbright’s crew log

*14th of Grekar, 113th year, 4 bells Dog Watch*






We have arrived at New Crests, home of the Groff family. Upon arrival there are several interesting ships in port. The Mysterious one informs us all that the ships belong to several different factions from this realm; 3 military naval vessels from the Middle Kingdoms of the Western Empire, 3 luxury liners from the Eastern Empire, 1 each from Llorn, 3 from the Bizantium territories and 4 from unknown origins.

CrIsis is due to disembark soon. I have gotten used to most of them and the fact they change members constantly, especially after one has gone to meet the lords. This didn’t prepare me for the latest member that was “recruited”? I remember the day he came aboard. He seemed, well for lack of a better term, on about as smart as a barnacle. He didn’t seem to have a clue about shipboard matters or any matters for that matter. Seemed about the only thing he did was eat, and boy did he eat. He was a real ox though. He could out lift us all when the fresh supplies were delivered, and never ever took a break or complained about the work. Ever present was him carrying a crate with one arm and a ham hock in his other hand, eating while he was working. I digress. The crew was warned that Ursus had an alter form, but the warning didn’t prepare me for the first time I saw him. Xerx’ses emerged from below, presumable to go into New Crest for his mission, directly behind him was a massive bear the likes I have never seen. I was about to sound the alarm, when Xerx’ses turned to him and started to have a conversation with the massive bear. That’s when I realized that the bear was URSUS.

Well that is it for now, I have watch soon and CrIsis has left the ship.

*15th Grekar, 113th year, 1 bell morning watch*

I have just come off of mid watch and saw a very strange event. It was so strange that I didn’t fully report it on the official log, for fear of being accused of becoming plum mad. CrIsis returned to the ship at 6 bells. They seemed sullen and grumpy. Most went to their cabins. Ursus, in full on bear, was the one that didn’t; he headed straight for the Foodfendhall. He quickly emerged dragging a whole hog and Annie was yelling at him. She was saying something about stealing food and waiting for morning meal. The bear just stopped, turned, and stared down at her, he bent over to put his massive snout at her eye level. She immediately shut her trap and slowly slunk back to her bunk. Ursus went to the prow of the ship sat down and began talking to the moon. Here is most of what he said:

“Hey Khonsu, how are you this fine morning. Boy the day I have had. It started out yesterday late. I was in my cabin to “change” so that it didn’t happen on the streets and sent everyone running and screaming bloody murder, although I have NEVER done that. After changing, I smelt and heard a new being on the ship. I then heard the ship talking, still can’t get used to that, a TALKING SHIP. I asked who he was talking to, he said the new man. I asked; where was the new man, he said Xerx’ses room. I went to the hall and followed the scent to Xerx’ses cabin. I entered and saw a tiny little elf standing with Xerx’ses. (Strange happenings on this ship.) I asked; who the devil are you and what are you doing here. He said he was Lerrie, and started to explain. I started to go into a weird sleepy state when he started talking. I snapped out of it and said to Xerx, hey we got to go right? And we got off the ship. Lerrie stayed behind.”








“We were making our way to the Groff’s den, when I noticed strange behavior from the local folks, they were following us. At first I thought it was because of me, I am sure the folks around here have heard of bears and maybe were curious about me, but it turns out they could care less about me. It was Xerx that they were after, sortof. They started chanting ‘Golden one, Golden one’ or something like that. Xerx said some things to the crowd, I didn’t really pay attention, I was just glad they weren’t coming to try and take me. We moved on quickly and arrived at the Groff’s place. The rest of CrIsis soon arrived, and that’s when the funny little man just appeared again, Lerrie. After he was introduced to the others they went into a lengthy discussion about the pieces and Ra and wow this was getting boring and I am getting hungry. I could smell a great feast being prepared, and I hadn’t eaten in over 4 hours and it was just one of those little pigs I have come to enjoy, Annie was being stingy with them saying something about rations or some sort. Then the funny little man was in my face loudly talking about some symbol and the points and his voice was making me go into that sleepy state again. They continued to talk and talk and talk and talk. The Groff finally showed up and announced it was time for the feast. Oh yeah, the Mystery Man said something about a plot to kill one of the estuaries that came to have a pees talk, and we had to try and find out what that was. And some Rose lady was here too.”

“We were taken to a outside room to feast, and boy what a feast, my hunger was too strong and I was moving quickly to try all the great new smelling foods. I was getting some strange looks from everyone as I was feasting on this great new buffing style of feasting, oh well. It was all great. While I was feasting I came across a group of that were speaking in a tongue that I understood. I tried talking to them, but they seemed shocked, not at my form or size but that I was able to understand and speak in their tongue. They stopped talking after that and tried their best to ignore me. Then Hannah was screaming ‘The Empires food was poisoneded’. The Groff was mad and starting to kick everyone out of the feasting, but Indaris convinced them to stay and keep the talking going. That was when I realized something, the meat from all the westerns table WAS poisoneded. I didn’t realize till now. Having eaten just a few pounds of everyone’s food the effects didn’t do much to me and I healed the damage quickly. I guess I should pay attention to the grumblings of my belly from now on. I shared this with the rest of CrIsis.”

“At this point the Groff was very angry and said it would be over unless CrIsis helped to solve it. We were placed in a private area to discuss the problems these stuffed shirts were having. Lerrie was putting in a lot and the others were arguing what to do. I was just very, very, very bored. I was just trying to think back to the foods and what the poisoneded stuff tasted and smelled like. I know that this could help save me and my new found friends. The others continued to yak & yak. It was getting close to sunrise and I would need to get back to the ship or else be discovered for who I truly was. Then the group came to a agreement, and we all went back out the outside room. Indaris opened by saying a prayer, and Xerx closed by telling the estuaries to basically do something that I thought wasn’t fiscally possible. Then we all left and returned to the ship.”

As a close to this log, I just want to say that I am glad that I only have this ship to worry about. Sounds like the great ones have a wildly interesting go of things when not on Rogtilda.


All pictures have been previously referenced in A God Rebuilt


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