Well let’s give this thing a try…OH WOW IT REALLY WORKS! LOOK AT THE WORDS ON THE PAGE! Any way good day to you Great Chieftain WayRa It has been sometime since we last met, Oh yeah this is Ursus, the bear? Remember we meet awhile back. Well I heard that there may be some disturbing goings on in the Hinterlands and I am just making sure that all is well with you and all the others and the land up there and…and…Um, lost my train of thought. Oh, well I have been doing gooder things with my new friends CrIsis, have you heard of them? I am having helped them to do gooder things in the world and stuff. Oh, you should see the great foods and eats they have here. This one thing called a PIG is really good and delicious; I will have to make sure you get some of this stuff the next time I am up there. OH, Yeah I found a place that I can be a bear ALL THE TIME, IT IS GREAT! AND THEY LET ME FIGHT IN A ARIAL OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT! WOW WHEN I SHOUT IT MAKES THE WORDS BIGGER! AWESOME! So anywayss I got to kill some people without really killing them, Yeah I know weird huh? So that was fun and I even got hurt a little while doing it. Of course it wasn’t so bad, I had my special PIG with me, it ACTUALLY MAKES ME…

Quill picture from CupeGraf Wallpaper
Ursus picture from our own AZ_RUNE




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