Dear Grignak – Letter 2 Response

Mikhail from Caer Itom!

Didn’t you and your lovely wife join me in the Dungeon for Bast’s Festival four years ago? If not, then I must be thinking of another Mikhail.

How do I stay myself?

The real question goes to the core of what it means to be ‘oneself.’ Are we who people assume we are? Are we who we believe ourselves to be? Are we something else? I’ve heard in the past, from well meaning individuals lacking basic introspection that we are somewhere between where other’s think we are and where we think we are.

That is but one possibility of the great debate, but I don’t think it to be the only answer. Some people, those truly able to view themselves dispassionately from the outside, are able to see themselves as others see them. As they view themselves this way, and act with this understanding, this makes them exactly as others see them.

Some other individuals intentionally alter the self that they present to other individuals, constantly attempting to hide their trueself away from anyone and everyone around them. The real question at that point becomes, does their trueself even matter if they’re the only person who ever interacts with their trueself.

There are other individuals, though, who truly recognize who they are. They do not have the filter of preconception that alters how we understand each other individual. They neither puff themselves up, nor denigrate their virtues. They recognize no one is perfect, but don’t hide behind it in seeking to be the best version, the true version, of themselves.

Am I the Grignak that you met in Caer Itom? I don’t think I ever was. I try to be pleasant to other individuals. I try to deal with each person in CrIsis as a thinking and feeling person, but I fail. Silent Dream could attest to this.

I try to find the positive in everything that happens. For example: I’m no longer just a showman of the arena. I have grown in my ability to truly fight. I now know how little an arena match has in common with a pitched battle when life and death are truly on the line.

I have died.

I’m no longer just a Shaman. I am a Priest of Bast. My intellect is more in demand out here, and I find that I am forced to grow.

The one thing I can truly say that has changed is I have become more introspective. It’s neither a good nor a bad thing, but it is. A thing that is.

I have a request from High Priestess Katheryne to visit her in Caer Itom, and if I do, then I will let my fans know in a letter before hand so you can all mob me in the dungeon. Then you can tell me if you think I have changed.

So, to the lighter request. I find that ropes are actually significantly harder than chains to bear. They leave deeper marks, and can be plain uncomfortable. I’ve found that if you are looking for a light bondage or pseudo bondage scenario that silk scarves are much better, especially since each one will need to be tied individually. When doing this, keep in mind that blood circulation is important, and that it is the thought of being tied up rather than the act of being tied up that is important in this scenario.

With the above scenario, and especially since you have sensitive skin, consider feather play, or if you can get it, ice play. I explained both of these in fan publication # 1273, which was about 10 years ago. You might be able to get a copy, or one on one instruction, in the Dungeon.

Now, depending on your flexibility…(The following segment was deleted by the editor prior to publication in the book of CrIsis). Remember before you get into any strenuous exercise that proper stretching and warm up is always recommended.

Your Teddy Bear,

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6 Responses to “Dear Grignak – Letter 2 Response

  • The signature of “Your Teddy Bear” was the absolutely best part of an already amazing log!

  • Dang Malkin, why did you edit out the good part?
    Really cannot say how much I love this log- hopefully the introspection will result in Grignak finally pronouncing Torrun’s name correctly!!

  • Merkl will happily sell tickets to the main event in the dungeon if Grignak does return. Maybe even help make some instructional fliers and sneak a few into the khonsu fliers hehe.

    Good log sah

  • He better get that letter out fast because now we are in Caer Itom.

  • Let’s hope Ursus doesn’t become this introspective…or would it be a good thing…His followers sure would have a hell of a time with it…

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