Death From the Other Side

So THAT’S what it’s like

Hey Dio, good to see you again, so I guess this is hell, not bad.

Yeah, Tia, a little warm for me though, man I thought for sure we had them.

Yeah, I know, it was like they were bumbling idiots at first, leaving a trail to follow like Hänz und Grëtchen, it was funny at first.

Yeah sure, then the rats running around following them, that was crazy, what was that funny rat man’s name who was controlling the rats?

I didn’t really catch it, but he seemed pissed at CrIsis. OF course what a goof, harassing the “Mighty” CrIsis with rats, I almost burst out laughing at that one. It just makes you wonder how we ended up here.

Luck, bad timing, inexperience? I don’t know. It was strange that their main fighter took a back role and was TRYING to shoot us with arrows; I mean I could have stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM and not have been struck by an arrow.

Yeah I know, ask their Minotaur he was struck by one and it pierced through his left shoulder. He was looking like a pin cushion. That trick with the club was sneaky though, man it went from perfect balance to weighing like a mountain in moments, I thought I was a goner.

Yeah, I chuckled a little at that; Mr. Giant tumbling through the air like a spin wheel. But then we had them on the ropes, scattered and disoriented. The Troll even bumbled the snaring of Malah. Wow, now that was a face plant.

Then the fog, I think that is when it changed for us for sure. I mean couldn’t see the wall for the ceiling, then as I run after them when they sounded retreat, I was blindsided, literally you could say, by the Priest.

Yeah that was sucky, you bit it hard. So what did it feel like touching part of a God?

Tingly, weird considering I was dying. Oh, well, maybe our compatriots will have better luck. Well, it looks like it’s our turn for judgement, good luck with that.

Yeah same to you.

Screams of pain and agony echo for hours upon hours.

Picture of HELL from We Know Your Dreams

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