Destiny Awaits Part-7

Malkin was happy to know the visions would be drawing to a close in the near future so when this one came at his office within the Library of Bletherad upon Y-Oda, he just arranged what he would need on a table and made his way over to begin scrawling down the adventure about to unfold. He hoped this might be the conclusion of the “Luther Chronicles” to be written. After Osiris’ return he could look into the book style of writing upon pictures and produce the first “Graphic Novella” for Palladium! Once more he gazed into world’s beyond for the information about the fate of Osiris’ Left Femur. His eyes become transfixed to those that might see him as his gaze drifts across the cosmos.


Tarek Tyrus Terrormann or “Triple T” turned his gaze upon the alert in the data-screen embedded within the conference room desk. A flash of annoyance rippled across Tarek’s face and the reflection of the ceiling length windows showed the glint of the otherworldly nature beneath his Human visage. Answering the call Tarek listened to the audio and video coming from the helmet cams in the Black and Gold Dragon Units. The Gold Team was not following the plan and was making the Black Team work hard in their exo-suits to gain the last 1,000 feet to the entrance of the Luxor casino. Abagail had had enough, and between her powerful telekinesis and firing massive fiery blasts from Osiris’ Left Femur. Both her and Luther slashing his way through the Gold Team’s Demonic looking, golden armored, automaton constructs supporting the remaining Alu-Demons in their ranks. As both allies and foes are smashed into the glowing blue energy walls, the spectators not more than 6 inches from the action cheer and scream for their chosen warriors outside! A kaleidoscope of color exploding and making it easy to follow the action as it moves ever steadily to the black, glass, pyramid.

“All teams, I am headed down to unleash the Dragon. Blue Team, open the portal and occupy any of those Century Station District “Capes” with the Balrog! Any L.O.T.R. jokes over comm’s will get you fired and black-listed. Triple T, out!”

Nine of the Silver Dragon Unit hit their chest badge and the uniforms changed color to blue. Quickly breaking away they pulled forth a velum scroll and read it aloud. Soon, Durandal, and the law enforcement supporting him had a completely new threat to deal with back at the airport. Preventing him from coming to our ‘Heroes’ aid. Tarek, knew they would overcome the demon by itself in due course, but it narrowed the game so he could face a second CrIsis mustered by Thoth! As he took up his position and assumed his true draconic form he wondered how to combine Thoth and perhaps Throstle, for binding the pieces of Osiris back together.

In the unnaturally dark interior of the Luxor main floor the last four months have been used to clear everything out for rennovations according to all the media outlets. However, word on the dark web and many sub-Reddit forums was that the construction’s true purpose was to allow it to double as a fighting arena for this, very, night! After all any damage to the construction zone could be written off in a number of ways. Tarek felt as though the options to maintain his identity and any structural calamity could be contained and dealt with using legal disbelief, paperwork, magic, and if all else fails “eating” any witnesses. He adorned himself in golden, jewel encrusted accessories that suggested an Egyptian theme on this world, and vaguely Western Empire motif on Palladium. Also mounted were a few GoPro-X cameras to give certain paying customers a 360 degree VR view of the battle up close!

Finally, five members of the Black Dragon Unit, Abagail, and Luther stood in the foyer of the Luxor Casino. Half of the glass doors and framing was destroyed behind them with the bisected corpse of the last Alu Demon dissolving into nether realm ash and super heating the glass to smolder, crack, and spider shatter behind them under its carcass. Forward they looked into the dark – for Vegas’ overly lit demeanor – entry to the casino floor and the main construction area beyond. As they moved through the archway a growl could be heard.


Over the radio one of the Black Dragon Unit asked if they should be concerned. Luther replied that those demons they faced were not the most powerful thing that goes bump in the night. However, many tales say ancient dragons could command an audience with lesser gods. Demon Lords will think twice before electing to mess with a creature of ancient and raw magical power.


Everyone took defensive stances and began looking around as they made their way down hearing the screams of a great deal of death beyond them. In this multicolored blinking dungeon of slot machines and digital walls displaying video poker and keno games. Outside, on huge four story screens set up for the Friday night extravaganza and all over the Internet everyone outside began to see the ancient and huge dragon emerge with black reflective scale glinting as though it was a rapper’s SUV in the various lights. When the Gold dragon team entered the beast, the Terror pounced upon the group ripping them to shreds! #BlackFlameBreath became a hashtag almost instantly as scrolling commentary reminded everyone this creature was real and Thothian-Twosome of Luther and Abagail were on their way to subdue the Terror from the Books of CrIsis! Seeing the security feed and cameras that had been mounted upon the dragon let special interest groups for and against violence rage against the barbaric event and snuff quality of watching real people – die! The other side argued what did people expect from an ancient dragon that had been subdued and locked up for who knew how long! Animal rights groups were torn defending the beast and envisioning being eaten by him.

Glistam radioed PandaJester in the flying car above, “Abagail, said she got the gear in place. I’m off-site recording our own stream if anything gets more fishy than a “REAL FUCKING DRAGON!” oh boy!”

PandaJester radioed to Lurch, “Glistam checked in, can you still pick up the radioactive isotopes?”

Lurch replied, “Yes, and all of our stuff has the best EMP shielding let’s just hope Durandal can finish the Balrog before Vegas goes up in flames!”

KillerVP chimed, “Glistam, I have confirmed the recording is making to the servers, let’s just hope Mulder and Scully make it through this.”

“Don’t disrespect the gear! They’ll live,” AZ_Rune broke in and then whispered something, “though, Coxson, is right that I have not had the chance to technically measure the crushing force of a Dragon’s jaw of that size. Coxson is sending the coordinates of the isotopes from Lurch to Durandal. I have the bio-comps of the suits online and we’ll know if we need to hail mary the group in seconds of such an event.”

Since the last #CrIsisCON there had been a big push to have people enter the main area via a step pyramid entrance. The steps down would have new force walls made of yellow tinted energy fields for safety and preventing people falling off either side. The fact that they could also erect 10-foot tall wall every three steps meant falls could be prevent with motion sensors on the steps.

The five members of the Black Dragon Unit had to go through the entryway one at a time because of their exo-suits and then Abagail and Luther followed them. Entering the Pyramid this way was terrifying beauty not lost upon Luther whom decided if he made it that he would become a builder, working with Dwarves to make pyramid marvels such as this all over Palladium and any other world he might visit. They began making their way downstairs and on the lowest steps the bodies of the demonic looking, golden armored, automaton constructs of the Gold Dragon Unit team were broken and their pilots torn in half or that was merely all that was left of them! When had made it to the bottom the glowing walls of force vanished. The room dropped into a dark purple haze of night and soft lighting. A crunching sound and dust falling belied that something was in the space moving about, slowly, methodically.

From the darkness a GROWLING VOICE OF POWER, “You’ll have to get pass me if you want to take the bone of a god back through the gateway to the Flame of Light!”

Luther nodded and the five exo-suits spread out into a circular defense as Abagail and him stood back to back trying to pinpoint the echoing growl, taunting them.

From the darkness a GROWLING VOICE OF POWER, “You! You think you can face me and win? Look at those whom nearly beat you and marvel at my power!”

Just then from above a HUGE ANCIENT NIGHTSTALKER DRAGON lands one of the last five exo-suit members crushing him beneath its weight, popping like a bloody grape! The gasps outside from those watching the large screens was palpable.


Luther ran charging at the sable colored dragon, highlighted in purple with the black-lights in the room! Punching his weapon laden fists together he began moving much faster. Those watching on the camera outside saw the dragon move with the grace of a hunter cat and pounce upon Luther! Then Luther appear on top of the brow ridge and jam both sword and dagger into its eye in a critical strike! Abagail extend her hand and as the dragon roared in pain a transparent wall appeared in its mouth preventing it from closing or breathing! “CORK IT, SCALY! ALA URSUS!”


Luther began to crawl into the Dragon’s eye as the four remaining exo-suits raised their magnetic railguns and kicked it into FULL-AUTO MODE! Fiery bursts of orange against the black light lit room rang out over the next five minutes until Luther exploded out through the other eye socket! The Dragon’s head dropped to the ground and after failing wildly eventually killing the other exo-suits that had remained and being pierced various metal pieces Abagail had tossed into him along with adding additional telekinetic force walls in his maw. Then the EXPLOSION WENT OFF AND A QUARTER MILE OF VEGAS WENT DARK!

The first light back on was the Pyramid light and everyone present swears they saw Xerx’ses, Luther, and Thoth before the light beam pulsed and as they vanished all the lights came back on!

Malkin’s vision ripped across the cosmos and saw Xerx’ses and Luther appear in Kash just before Count Lovejoy and his forces were to descend upon Father Indaris, Seeker of Isis. All Xerx’ses said as Luther grabbed on to Indaris, “I see you for what you are creature and my pantheon will be made aware of your presence.” Count Lovejoy looked back upon the hill where the palace and shuddered. Then they all vanished once more thanks to Luther’s saber!

Now Luther awaits in Khemennu for the rebirth of Osiris, the Lawgiver and keeps thinking about the priestess in the temple that placed the bone in the blue flame. He swears he knows her from somewhere before, he keeps having dreams about a kiss but wonders if it was just a dream.

Malkin awoke from the vision dry mouth and still thirsty. The stone plate came through and the tea was still warm.

All pictures made by @AZ_Rune.


3 Responses to “Destiny Awaits Part-7

  • Epic ending to a cool story! I actually feel bad for the Terror, but “Cork it Scaly” is pretty awesome.

  • What a show and finale! This was a great capstone to their otherworldly adventures! It’ll be interestibg to see a seasoned Luther in Khemennu.

  • First: SUCK IT SCALY

    Second: Epic Grand Story, wonderful counter to our own adventure. Love being a Character in someone else’s story and love the cross-references to our little tale.

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