Do You Remember When We First Met?


“Whom, was that idiot? Why did he save us,” these were the thoughts Mary wondered to herself? Carrying Overkill’s and her son back to the remote village the Dwarves had given her a home within. Everyone had been very nice and she had even made a friend within the town, its Elven mayor – Lady Zylphyra. After conquering Mary’s fear she was checking in on her the two began talking about social stigmas that peace among Elves and Dwarves had not only failed to crush, but made flourish because of idle times not spent trying to kill one another. Zylphyra had dated a dwarf for nearly 20 years until she felt her life growing in another direction and managed to remain friends after separating! Mary talked about being a slave and how it had been a Dwarf pirate, whom she later married, that had bought her freedom and allowed her the chance to believe she could make her own way in the world. Zylphyra constantly sought stories about Palladium. As many of the days in the what was known as the Elf-Dwarf Compound on Palladium, nearly unknown was that it was a gateway to another dimension! Here it was even more dangerous because all the monster races encountered were TWICE their normal size!

A lone Troll, about 20-25 feet tall, had stepped on her house in the middle of the night and grabbed a handful of the rubble and ran off. In the rumble though was little Izulkral’s bed laden with child! She began running after them with the moon high in the sky. Without warning something ran out in front of the Troll and shouted, “STOP!!!!!!!!” The troll amazingly did so and lost everything in his loot filled hand! Mary watched her child fly screaming through the air and the drunken Dwarf took a dance pose and began yelling at the Troll to listen to its poem and he’d give it Dwarven ale! The troll seemed enraptured to this oddly posed with one arm stretched above its bare, chiseled, muscled form. It was in mid scream she stopped because as this drunken idiot was starting to dance – badly – while reciting its poem – admirably well. She saw that little Izulkral was being held some 40 feet in the air by and unseen force! When the drunken idiot, that looked like a monk or priest on a bender moved his arms to emphasize the poem’s stanza her baby moved as well! Keeping the Troll’s attention focused on drunken Dwarf’s poem antics and horrible dancing it never noticed the one arm that was slowly moving the babe across the night sky and down below the Troll to Mary! The second she had her baby she ran seeing him wink at her and then draw his axes.

Mary could hear the battle as four elves in black leathers stepped out of the shadows, Zylphyra leading them asking, “Where’s the drunk? Wait…” Hearing the battle she waves her hand and the four run past mentioning that is was indeed the Troll Chieftain’s son, Groggo. The Trolls had been at war with the descendants of the royal Elf and Dwarf lines in this world for the last twenty years. The Trolls were beginning to lose thanks to key strikes being made by one Prince Torrun Ithanson and his sister, Queen Disvanova ’ekun Ithansdottir the First! The Dwarf Queen was also the general of the combined army of the Elves and Dwarves! Soon enough the fight was over and Mayor Zylphyra returned, “Mary, I’m so sorry this happened to you! I have made arrangements for you to have rooms at the Golden Tower until we can sort this out.”

“Whom, was that drunk? He saved my son!”

“Oh please don’t mention he was drunk when you make it to the Tower. Prince Torrun gets extra brave when he is buzzed, however, the Queen hates how risky he is in battle. She doesn’t like it when he employs drunken fighting…,” Zylphyra was about to continue when Mary interrupted her.

“Pr, Prin, Prince Torrun? That drunk monk was Prince Torrun?”

“Yes you’re lucky he likes to practice the Iron Wind style in the fields at night,” said Zylphyra, smiling.

“Don’t you mean ‘Drunken Wind’,” Mary interrupted bewildered, smiling and not entirely sure he was drunk having caught her son in mid air. Raising him above the eye level of the Troll. Occupying the troll while maneuvering her son back to her and letting her run away. Drunk or not she knew a hero when she saw one, if only Overkill had been more like Prince Torrun!


Shortly after Mary’s arrival to the Elf-Dwarf Compound.


4 Responses to “Do You Remember When We First Met?

  • Trying flesh out his history a bit more picking on certain elements of meaning within it.

  • Funny, yet poignant telling of a match-making instance in his life. Enjoyed it. Almost the accidental Hero…if not on purpose.

  • Love the story. Poor Mary, two people lost to CrIsis.

  • I like how this is telling a story about him through another’s eyes.

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