Dragon Daze

The Terror

Dear CrIsis

I write to you with a matter most urgent! This is at the request of King Guy, the King of the Timiro Kingdom, friend of CrIsis, my liege and friend. You are most needed! A Nightstalker dragon has been terrorizing the area around Northwoods and has destroyed Fort Ac!

This dragon had been bellowing, over and over, that he would continue to kill all until Cava, Greldarr, and Overkill were brought before him. After some research through your tales, I discovered that is the dragon thought killed by them years ago. He now wears a patch over the eye that was injured. See Book 3 and specifically the log Dancing With Faeries.

I personally led a group, under a white flag, to negotiate with the Dragon, who calls himself The Terror. After eating two of my companions, we finally had a short discussion. I told him that Overkill had perished, which he found terribly funny. He made me tell him the whole story, and his ears perked up when telling of the existence of the holy crusaders CrIsis. I then explained to him that Greldarr and Cava were not of this plane any longer(as you know, the Pyramids do not truly exist on this plane- thus the portals- and I was not going to have him go to Shandala). He feels that you would be worthy prey, and has agreed to challenge you in open combat. Terms will be determined by you and he when your arrive. In return for his promise to no longer terrorize the Kingdom any longer, I gave him all the current Books of CrIsis and a guarantee that King Guy would reach out to you to have you come to The Terror yourselves. We agreed on a time period of 3 months- until the 1st of Grekar! That means you must arrive there before then, or hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocent lives will be lost!!

Please CrIsis, save our Kingdom! Destroy The Terror! He was beyond my powers, even with my retinue of 50 soldiers. End his reign of terror, and avenge the innocents already lost!

On a separate note, I am pleased that I am released from writing! While I have done my best, I am no bard, and certainly not as good as the immeasurable Rod Rambler! I can now concentrate on advising King Guy, and furthering the course of the Light. Book 9 was released today, Od 1, and Book 10 will be written by the Master Bard himself! I only ask that you remember me, and come to visit when you are back in Timiro. Do not forget your promise to myself and Malkin to find any of the Seed Libraries.


Ondemeira the White, upon the 1st of Od in the 2nd year of King Guy.

Picture from the amazing Grzegorz Rutkowski.


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