Drunken Lullabies

What’s the point? Who is this for? I look out and wonder where all my loved ones have gone. My parents have disappeared and now my dear Morgan has abandoned me in my moment of need. She took my little Sadie. I am afraid I will never be able to see her grow up. I am slowly missing the most important years of her life and there is nothing I can do about it. I thought my marriage would mean we would work through the hardships life threw at us, I guess I was wrong. Now I am alone. Its hard to remember most nights. I have a vague memory of playing the old shoot an arrow in the air and run away from it game, only this was with a tree I think? I think I remember hearing Roggan crying with the tree on top of him. I guess I am sorry for that buddy. I wish I could remember more about that night. Life though seems to be a shell of its former self. Mr. Monkey and I agree that we are both only able to find our fun when we visit Overkill before retiring for bed.

I remember one night before Cava fought his arch-nemesis, we partied especially hard. We knew there was a big fight, but this helps ease our minds. So we each took turns drinking and playing games. Songs of the dwarven culture filled the hallways of the inn and games and festivities took part as well. At one point I remember us inviting in some fellow patrons to join us. It truly was a party. There was even a visit from the owner letting us know we were disturbing the other guests. I mean sheesh, its an open party they can come if they want. There’s no need to get all butt hurt bout it.

At some point I remember hanging out with this one man or woman or I don’t know who it was. Anyhow I think we left the room and snuck off to party somewhere else, I remember something about a druidic ceremony and some type of pipe that even Mr. Monkey tried. Well at least it calmed him down a lot. From that point on he was like searching my hair for food or something. He is so weird. Then there was some kind of party in a monastery somewhere. We may have broken some things. We snuck out fast before anyone caught wind of us. I think there was some cow tipping involved and other stuff. Most of it was a blur. It made the next day a nightmare. Gah the headache alone was enough to drive me to not want to drink for at least a day. Cava beat his rival with style and there was much rejoicing. We celebrated by creating a blender full of dark followers in one of my bubbles. It was like one of those snow globule things that Chip told me about. It was almost as beautiful as he described, except more messy.

We continued on our way afterwards. I have been give a new sword. For now it is wrapped safely until we know what power it possesses. Our route seems treacherous ahead. So Overkill and I have decided to do the night watch. At least he won’t call me out on sneaking a drink or two.

Posted by Gavin on the 19th of Corg in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

Image from Pop Sugar.

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