Dry is the Darkness

CrIsis in Crisis

An account by Jidian Kulder, Demigod Warden of Light, of the entry into Hades to retrieve the Skull of Osiris from the Lord of Hades, Modeus.


Called by Sulyott the All Knowing to the Tower of Mishala, to celebrate in the finding of the Left Hand of Osiris and the victory over ReSet, Jidian, who had once been known merely as “Ranger of Northmoor” watched CrIsis as they approached the tower. For years he had known of the group, assisting where he could in their monumental quest to restore the Divine Lover of his beloved Isis. Well had he known CrIsis, yet none now remained of the crew he first met, so deadly had their quest been.

Now, with Sulyott at his side, he surveyed the group as they approached the tower. Only three of them did he recognise: Ursus the Strong, Demigod of the Monster Races and Patron of Monogamy, Silent Dream the Wiley, Demigod of Psionics and Accidental Fires and Griknak the Devout, Demigod of Slavery and Freedom. The others were new, and Sulyott, being All-Knowing, named them for him: Merkl the Elven Juggler, Demigod of Entertainers and Random Rocks, Torrun the Dwarven Monk, Godling of Valor, and Willy the Gnome Warlock, Demigod of Musicians. This was the final version of CrIsis that would enter Hades to wrest the Skull of Osiris from the greedy hands of Modeus the Overlord. Jidian would wish them well, but he knew it would be a sad parting.

But a parting with CrIsis was not to be. When his comrades requested his presence on their entry into that dark of darkest places, Jidian Kulder found he could not refuse. Hitching his trusty bow, Dirgannish, to his shoulder, and with his indestructible sword Escanfel at his side, the Divine ranger cracked a wide smile and prepared to follow blind companionship into the most inhospitable place in the Universe.



Cruel are the Masters

Arrival in the Demon City of Allvice was as distasteful as Kulder could have imagined it. Although his Cloak and Boots of the Woodlander gave him protection from the fire, and his gifted torc protection from the heat, they did nothing to ease the great sense of discomfort that Jidian (and he was sure, all of CrIsis) felt on appearing in the dimly lit city of lost souls. The wails and cries of the oppressed struggled to be heard against the dry howling winds of the plane and the guttural roars of demons walking and flying through the filthy air.

In the guise of demons themselves, Jidian and CrIsis had to endure the cruelty of the dreadful place as fellow humans were tortured and eaten in front of their very eyes. There were terrible moments but once they escaped the city with their map, CrIsis made their ways towards the Southern Mountains, where they believed Modeus and the Skull of Osiris to be. Once they were attacked by a marauding band of Psi-Hawks, but Silent Dream and Jidian worked together with a combination of the changeling’s Psionic powers and the magic arrow Lithos to encircle and destroy the hated creatures.




A Deadly Crossing

Continuing onward for days through the dry heat of the place, made only more bearable by the magic flying ability granted by the Silent Dream the Wiley and his Millennium Tree Staff, the group eventually came to a great canyon full of sulphurous vapours swirling into the air. Ursus almost succumbed but was saved through the grace of Khonsu alone. There was no way back. This was a canyon they had to cross.

Woe betide that crossing, for rising out of the depths in front of them flew six monstrous Locust Demons who now ganged up on CrIsis from behind and in front. Jidian loosed Lithos but to no avail. The creatures were unaffected by its great power and Jidian wept for he knew the arrow, as it fell, would be lost forever. But new hope arose in Jidian as he saw his deft companion Torrun use telekinesis to retrieve Lithos before it was lost forever. He smiled and somewhere in a much better place and he imagined Isis smiled with him.

Inspiration and hope were just what were needed to get the group through this mortal combat, and Jidian started firing his Arrows of Deific Light into the demon in front of him, but sustaining a painful lightning bolt in doing so. Pain and confusion gathered all around him. The battle had only just begun…..


Jidian Kulder
Leader of the Legion of Northmoor
Demigod Warden of the Light

GM Note:
This was our last time playing with the great Twiggyleaf during A God…Rebuilt. His contributions were not short of legendary, and he is always welcome at my table!! Thanks!!


Jidian Kulder picture from our own AZ Rune.
Hades picture from Dilara.
Demon Locust picture from Jeff Russell.


5 Responses to “Dry is the Darkness

  • This is great and as always I love playing with Mark! The internet is amazing !!!

  • It was great to have Twiggy with us as Jidian one more time. I love that he just assumed Dream is a Changeling and had no problem with it.

  • Another epic log from an epic character and player! Twiggyleaf, you are always welcome at my table!!

  • Thanks for the kind words, Dudes. It was great to be there.

  • Excellent and Grand accounting of Jidian’s adventure with CrIsis. Wonderful to have the great Twiggy in our corner once again.

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