Eagle Express

Hey guys,

So, I wanted to be the first person to actually send an Eagle to each of the members of CrIsis. I have to say, watching those birds take off is just amazing. I’m not sure the Dark is going to know what hit them at this point.

To business. I have a reason for sending this note to you. It won’t be long, and we can discuss anything more in person, but…

So, I was able to acquire a couple of maps from our friend. One is for the Crystal Kingdom valley, and the second is for the palace. That being said, I have some other information that is more troubling.

If we look like outsiders, then we will not be allowed in. We will need to get into the heart of the palace to get the Kidney. So, we will have to look as though we belong. No big, but just something to keep in mind.


P.S. I just remembered. We’re going to have to face off against some Pandemoniums when we get there. Just thought you should know.


4 Responses to “Eagle Express

  • Handy info indeed!

  • It’s times like this when I almost wish I was playing a character who had the knowledge of these things that I do. There’s going to be Pandemoniums there, as in more than one?! Yikes.

  • I thought CrIsis was the Pandemoniums of Palladium. Either way one or the other has meet their match.

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