King Gedro Requires Assistance


You, and Otto, have been chosen to escort my beloved Morgan, along with her father, Oric, to the relative safety of Sweet Creek. There are a number of reasons that you specifically are needed.

You have always treated Morgan with respect and honor. You are close friends with her father, Oric, who always speaks highly of you. You will protect her with your life, and are a master of the element of Air. Please, at once, make your way to Seaholm. Fly, as soon as you are able! Then help my father-in-law escort my wife and child, who just turned one! I have missed them both so much!

I will soon be joining them there, in Sweet Creek! I am abdicating the throne, giving it over to the able Guy Campton, who you met in Lemaria. I will spend my time going to all of the Pyramids. A life of travel, and spreading the word of Ra is more my speed than being King.

Hurry Tyvernos- protect my wife and child before the Dark get them!

Posted by Gavin on the 24th of Ra in the 9th Year of King Gedro- aka King Gavin! (that’s me)

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