Etrinan Serelan United

Dear Xerx’ses,

I am pleased that you approve of Lu’urna’s and my union! I have great news! Most of the Etrinan have joined the Serelan tribe in their caves, and at the beginning of the year we will strike one final blow at the Idrijian, wiping their dark stain from Palladium! Myself and a few others are leaving a few “surprises” for Groun’na if he comes back! We found a small store of books hidden in a caved-in alcove- I will hold them for you!

With the impending assault on the Idrijian, which should happen in early Algor, please do not send any pigeons until you hear from me. Surface pigeons flying into a cave will alert scouts.

Be well in the Light, and fare thee well, wherever you may fare, my brother!

Pictures, left to right, from DeconZR and the amazing Shane Tyree.

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