Family Lost, Family Found

Dear Mum and Dad-

How are you both, I promised that I would write about the Lopanic Games, and you might guess that this is a little early for that except that I, Indaris Excellar, Dairy Farmer, Cartographer and Priest, am competing.

By some stroke of luck or Divine Intervention, I have managed to qualify for an event, so not only will I be there at the games cheering people on, I also will have thousands of people looking down on me cheering and jeering, not bad for a young lad from Sino. I’ll be competing in the dueling event, the competition will be fierce so I’m not really expecting to get far as other members of my group have qualified as well, and are much better swordsman than I, but luck might favour me again, who knows, but just the fact that I’m in the games is tremendous and I hope it makes you and dad proud of me.








I know little Elewyn will want something so
I will try to get her a Jadeir doll, they are cute and fluffy
and likely to become a collectors item if she keeps it,





and for Pitir I will try to get a dagger used by
non other than Overkill Glandar,
Master Swordsman of Crisis and Scourge of Pirates,



and for Indryk I will try to get a complete set of Crisis books, signed by as many of the members as possible, I know he isn’t as interested in farming as Pitir and I hope dad gives him as much leeway as he gave me.






The bad news is my little friend Tyvernos has headed off to look after his parents for a while, and we have had new members come and go (Jadeir) but The Amazing Azariel, master of powers unknown has returned to us, and Cava of the Bow has left us to do the biodding of his Lord.
But I left the best for last
The main reason for this letter is the fact that the Lady Nara Tureld, whom I wrote to you about earlier had been kidnapped by the forces of evil as they were trying to force information from her, and she was freed due to the intervention of the gods of light.

She is beautiful, witty, knows lots about plants an herbs, and is now in training to be a Priestess of Light and seems to return the affections I have for her, and since her parents live such a long way from you I am going to ask her fathers permission to walk out with her, and if she agrees I will propose to her next spring if things haven’t changed between then and now. I know father will be worried about having to pay for the wedding but I have a bit of money put aside that should take care of the event, so father shan’t have to worry. I can’t wait for you to meet her, she is wonderful and will probably steal a bit of your heart like she has mine.

P.S. Tell Father that I haven’t forgotten about his dwarven made plow blades, when I find the ones I like I will send them to you.

P.P.S. Tell Indryk that he can have the books I left at home, and Pitir can have my second best cloak (if he hasn’t got it already)

Your Son

Written on the 7th of Ra by Indaris Excellar
while traveling to the Lopanic Games

The games pics collated by
Karens Whimsy

The otter toy by
Ali Express

Cutlass dagger from

Lots ‘o’ books from
Corrado Bonora


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