Favor Granted

Save Yourself

Honorable Bear-Man:

You should save yourself my friend. This world is heading towards the bleakness headlong. There are stories of the great end, and we are now playing the roles of the actors.

I am sorry to bring sadness to these proceedings. Let me answer your questions, best I can.

The Lands of the Humans has been attacked by the Great Army . They have concentrated on the areas where the Armies of the Humans were not. Meanwhile, the Human Army has left its Children, who now feel they are free. The armada of the humans are facing the monstrous ships of the great evil. There are still no signs of the group made to look like your own. I have made a treaty with both the Children and their parents, and am cooperating with the scouts.

The Furries have embraced us, and we have agreed to work together to keep our lands free from the Humans and the Terrors of the Great Army. The Terrors are concentrating on the Humans, and we have regained our lands.

You once asked how to get to the Terrors safely. There are no safe routes, but the most relatively safe I will help you with.

I hope to see you soon, but I don’t want to as well, for I am afraid I will lead you to your death.

Your Chieftain Friend

Sent to Ursus through his holiness, U’Selekma on the 7th of Kagna.

Picture credit: BurenErdene

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