For The Masses

The Public Face of S’Erith

I find that my reception into the eponymous CrIsis was not quite as warm as I could have hoped it would be. Gavin, a being of infinite moods, even accused me, an Eadroth, of being a mind mage. While I can not fault him for his paranoia, I should at least hope that he, being what he is, would know to learn as much of other races as he could before making accusations.

Unfortunately, it seems that prejudice is simply something I will have to become accustomed to while I reside with CrIsis. Please, Osiris, let it be a long time. I do not feel that at the young age of 63 I am yet ready to travel the underworld.

It seems so laughable that they think that I could have stolen a CrIsis ring I smile at their folly.

While they were returning from the treasure trove of The Dread Pirate Jason I received a visit from the a priest of Isis named Drexx Silvercrown visited us on the Matilda as we waited. He said that Isis wanted us, CrIsis, to deliver a letter to Horoth Wavestrider.

I accepted seven copies of the letter, which I offered to CrIsis when they returned. In this, as in much else, they ignored me. I think I prefer to be ignored than reviled.

While on the waves, travelling to Bizantium City to save the cousin of our esteemed Captain We encountered both good weather and bad. We also encountered a couple of things that were plain bad.

The first was a large mat of seaweed, which seemed nothing more than a navigation hazard. With the second attack, though, I think it more likely a diversion. A voice called out to us across the waves in song. Many of the crew fell asleep on the deck, and slowly, we outdistanced the threat.

The third threat was alittle more direct. Some Kappa bored in through the hull of the ship. Chip, Karma, and myself dove into the water to attack the creatures in their own element.

I the blink of an eye, I called upon my training to give me strength. In the same amount of time Karma dispatched all of the creatures. It was entirely too easy, and I fear what else we might have to face in the future.

After an excellent day of playing my Dwarven Pipes, and a not so excellent day when a couple of wrong notes caused a mind mage to toss my pipes overboard, Chip seemed to want to spar with me.

After a couple of well placed hits, one from me, and the other from Chip, I ended the contest by sending Chip to the deck. He is fast, I will give him that much, but otherwise I find us evenly matched. He declined my offer of assistance to rise.

I doubt with his behaviour that he would have lasted long at the monastery. He is entirely too cocky for his own good. I find myself too easily going into old mindsets while I reside with these people. Osiris, give me strength.

It seems that Robert the Just originates in Bizantium, as he received a heroes welcome that rivaled even the welcome that CrIsis itself received. There was much comment on the apparent lack of Gavin in the group, as he was there in disguise, and the lack of Rell.

We were commanded to meet with the King where he ordered us to bring him a piece of Osiris on the 1st of Algor.

Being a generous soul, I was all for doing so, especially if the gods had prepared a place for the people of Bizantium to keep it. CrIsis, however, spearheaded by Chip, berated the king and called him a false leader of his people. In trying to defuse the situation, the King, already angry at the way in which CrIsis was treating him, threatened me with soldiers.

After thirty-four mating cycles with my people in which I fathered fourty children, pain is something I deal with and move on. Spear tips are nothing compared to a sex-starved Eadroth trying to rip off your reproductive organs.

It was resolved by the impetuous Tyvernos promising the King the moon. If only CrIsis had declared for the King my place there, and had then allowed me to speak, it would have been resolved much more equitably. In time, I hope that CrIsis realizes that I am an avid negotiator.

Horoth Wavestrider arrived to save me, however, as the King was ready to try to kill me or throw me in the dungeon. I presented the letters to Horoth.

After we finished with the King, a large mob of Ogres, Trolls, and Orcs almost ran us over. The leader of this rabble carried a banner with the Glaive of the Old Ones emblazoned upon it.

After a brief verbal tossle with them we continued to the temple of Algor where Horoth was a priest.

We received a call to find, and destroy, the Glaive which has once again appeared in Palladium. I hope that we can accomplish this task as we were asked, while still assembling my god, Osiris. The world cannot survive should these followers of the Glaive obtain it and put it to its proper use.

Posted by S’Erith on the 21st of Corg in the 21st Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.


4 Responses to “For The Masses

  • Yep, he got the “usual New CrIsis Member” treatment. Ah, hazing can be such fun sometimes.

    • Actually this is back when new members were not trusted- opposite of the- “Got a ring? You are fine” attitude that happens now.

      • OH, so the whole “got a ring” thing is recent then.

        • Yes, new members used to be grilled during fireside, and had to earn trust.

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