God Rebirthing And More Active Listening

To my lovely lifemate, and mother of our child, Chieftain Laval’liere Lightbringer,

Dearest, I opened the Book of A’zad last night, oh if you want to know why this is my opening sentence feel free to ask my father. First he won’t believe you that I went to get a book tossed at me, then he’ll laugh. When he sees that you don’t get the joke he’ll explain about the elder of my birth tribe that taught me magic. For all of the times I wanted to punch the old bull he was never abusive and always listened, even when I lit his robe on fire, twice. Yeah, that was a thing.

One day I’ll learn why some Dwarven messages had that strange cross-hash symbol and no spaces between words, oh well.

One of the features of the Book of A’zad is that it allows him to communicate from the realm of the dead to me! It’s slow because I have to write a message to watch the ink swirl and form the reply. So I asked questions and was given some answers that helped me try and form my thoughts about family. At the very least what I envision as our family. Now my close friends often worry when I get introspective because they think I am becoming depressed or some such thing. Right now nothing could be further from the truth. I will caveat myself by saying happiness scares me actually. Because right now everyday I wake up I wonder if anything attacked the Shield Of Light, my friends, my family, or people and places I care about far away. I’m sure some historian far in the future will remark that a lot of people we (I mean CrIsis) care about tend to die around us. I find it hard to be happy when I am really just waiting to be told about the next disaster to befall the world and its somehow my fault for not teleporting there fast enough to prevent it from starting in the first place. At this point it’s not hard to see how people get worried I am getting depressed, and while I don’t think I need to express it anymore. I say it because generations from now some lonely child of any number of races may read this and I want them to know they are not alone, and most importantly, it will get better. Dearest, you are proof of that.

The things I have had to do in the last three years most peoples only see one of these events and I doubt many mortals, immortals, or Demigods can claim to have fought a god, much less two, and killed one! Dearest, it gets even weirder after that because Khonsu’s Reaper healed his body minus the item I ripped off. Then our Seeker of Isis brought him back to life! So CrIsis has killed and resurrected a god! Before any chaos could ensue he was able to use a rare prayer that only works once per person and then is wiped from their memory. He purged all of the dark from Bes restoring him to the Light! Then the Goddess Bast showed up and took him with her back to meet his family that thought him lost to the Dark!

What made me so happy was that a “Reaper of the Gods” made someone whole, and a “Seeker of the Gods” found a lost soul amidst the shade of evil. It was that moment I saw the beginning of their legends grow! There might be a few legends of Godslayers, but how many about being a Godsavior?

Now on to the second part of this message because in the morning of the 29th of Majestic we go to face off against a Necromancer with a dimensional portal open to the realm of the dead. This never feels common for me to write but these last three years are sometimes so surreal that I expect to wake up. Well more on the necromancer in a bit. I suspect, even without psychic powers, that in the centuries to come that we’ll have together I will do something to irritate you. Please bear with me as I figure out how to fix whatever “that” will be. Now to the issue of wives. I want to apologize for the timing of this situation with a number of factors.

  • When you married me my raw intelligence was much lower, and now has grown. However, it still means getting use to new thoughts and ways/methods of thinking that frankly never occurred to me before. I suppose some people like to use the word epiphany when they get a brilliant thought, but I feel I am just figuring out how my enhanced mind now works.
  • I have never been in a committed relationship of any kind. Which I know Saraph can vouch for. It has only just recently occurred to me that you might want to talk to me before I send a potential bride for your approval. I will claim ignorance this one time as A’zad helped me to understand your viewpoints better. Having been married and long lived with multiple wives over his lifetime. Please accept your husband’s apology and know that until you tell me it is time I will seek no other, nor accept invitation of another to become one of my betrothed lifemates, other than the single one that has already been set in motion.
  • Aleyne knew she could die going to meet you and still prepared to make ready to leave. Since my statements are my word when I arrive for our child’s birth. CrIsis and Aleyne will come along, but before you think I am pressuring you during our child’s birth to meet and judge her. Know that this is not the case. There are other Elves living among the tribe, so she will have people to talk with besides the warm hospitality of the Shandar Tribe. I told her that since she would not have the trek across the Baalgor Wastelands the time spent proving herself to you may be longer. She will stay until you wish to meet with her. I promised her a meeting and your evaluation, however, I never presumed to say how long that might take. Especially knowing your current condition I can foresee this taking months or even a year. What I am trying to get at is there is no pressure of time, and I am sure maybe just being friends or friendly to each other might be a nice way to start the ball rolling naturally.
  • I have considered that she may not win your approval. In that case please talk with the tribal Elders and consider allowing her to join the tribe! Yes, our first non-minotaur member! From Apis’ Luminary and the late Lord Raulf I have seen the wonders of the Wolfen Empire, err Wolfen Republic. They have figured out how to be inclusive to any creed of peoples that wish to join and make the world a better place. If I had the authority to make such gestures I would offer to host an ambassador of theirs to share more about how their society works. I feel this “inclusiveness” is an example worthy of practice by our people given that we have lived with Elves and Humans with no issues at all! This also has spread because the Timiro Kingdom had abolished slavery. If two Kingdoms can find a common ground that all living creatures deserve the right to live free then their is hope for the world as a whole. Again, if she doesn’t make your approval I feel she should be given the chance to join and have a family and home. If that is the case I would adopt her as my sister and make sure she is cared for as family. She needs a good family and the Shandar Tribe can provide that so we should live by example.

Now let me address our current predicament in the town of Yggdrasil. The mayor known as, Steve Ravenholm, is a Necromancer on par with my skill as a Archwizrd. He has come across a spellbook known as “Book of the First Sinner” among the lore of this world. I do not believe it to be the original, but a copy of the original. Still it is dangerous as a copy for he has learned a spell that allows him to open a portal to the realm of Anubis the Betrayer, and let the dead stalk the world as their own personal hunting grounds! Three years ago my toughest decision was deciding to shock myself once again learning to cast Lightning Bolt so I could chuck my own lightning like a Cyclops! Now I am a Demigod surrounded by living legends and watching them become the icons children look up to and going off to face genuine evil threatening the whole of the world. All because the petulant God: Anubis, would rather see the world burn than foster his flock and herd the souls of the dead to the correct afterlife.

This is my job and daily bread.

Please know I will strive to smite this Death Dealer of Yggdrasil and return to you. Should I be late I beseech your forgiveness, my father’s forgiveness, and our child’s forgiveness. Know though that I have faced death countless times with the fear that when it was all done people would only see the monster and I would wander home to no one. You, our child, my tribe, and all those I care for give me hope for a brighter tomorrow and the sight of Ra’s ever watchful eye guiding all of us there.


That is why I go,

That is why I love,

That is why I listen,

That is why I keep learning,

That is my hope for the world.

Amor Meus Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn


Immortal Minotaur Demigod

Arcanist Holy Paladin for Osiris the Lawgiver

War Wizard & High Weaver of the Tri-Arcanum Guild

Member of CrIsis

AKA: Admiral Osric Orghallar of the Shield Of Light

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent to each recipient on the morning of the 29th of Majestic, 4th year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 72nd Year of the Wolfen Empire, 345 year of the Dominion of Man, and 25th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at: artist@agodrebuilt.org

5 Responses to “God Rebirthing And More Active Listening

  • Hope everyone enjoys my interpretation of Steven Ravenholm.

    I also think the log has a very positive tone and is one of his happiest logs, which is full of irony talking about how scared of happiness he is, LOL!

  • Xerx’ses has some balls to talk about Anubis like that.

  • Yet another very deep and powerful read…Xerx’ses and Silent Dream must be on a similar wavelength…or something.

  • Much improved picture of Steve! Is Anubis encouraging him, discouraging him, or unaware? Is it really Utu’s issue? Hmmmm….

  • Seems like a minotaur’s work is never done….

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