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A Dead Poem Among Two Storms

It’s the season the trees die
The birds don’t sing anymore
The rivers never come back
Nature dies out

Focus tomorrow’s horizon
Sorrow means no future
Cover my face
With my guilty hands

This tragic future
destined to hurt never heal
What end can save me?
What good gives me an end?

Uncle Firsar,

I’d like to have a normal life. Will it ever happen? I’ve met the most fetching lass. She works in customer service. How were you able to finally move on? Sometimes I feel like I’ll be getting married to and growing old with Otto. The Lady works in mysterious ways. She does keep rather warm even under the coldest of night skies. The Firefox wishes you her warmest regards. Here’s a snippet of our latest journey — this time an attempt to LEAVE the jungle.

Where did I leave off?

Xerx’ses cleansed us of blood. There were gems everywhere! CrIsis doesn’t have a jewel-crafter! I humbly offered my services after The Squirrel suggests that we find a giant diamond for Rogtilda. I happen to be a fledgling jewel-crafter AS WELL as an expert miner and underground spelunker and geomantic radar-detector. Xerx’ses found a 10 carat diamond and Tyvernos found a 7 carat diamond. Xerxes found another 3 carat and Tyvernos found a 6, and a 2nd 6 carat diamond for OVERKILL. Xerxes found a 13 carat Ruby and a 12 carat emerald.

We “found” out that the health and vigor added when holding a piece of the Lawbringer now no longer “heal” at a normal rate — most pieces give bonus 200 SDC but they WILL heal on a ley line and doubly as fast on a nexus. The pieces also give DOUBLE SDC on a ley line nexus. A few lore magic rolls got to the bottom of that. Whew! We’re about to drop off two of em! What a load off my wee conscience (read: mind).

The group decided, to the chagrin of the self-professed mendicant that they should completely clean out this mine. Indaris informed the group after finding out from me that it is the 13th of…well, some month — that it is the DAY OF HIS BIRTH! He didn’t look a day over…two. I used the distraction as a great time to speak to the group and tell them to be mindful of things like Gantrium, Xanthene, Adamantium, Kisentite, and other rare metals, heavy metals (\m/), ores, and gems and other various substances. I found 2 more diamonds (7) carat and (6) carat. Xerxses found a 13 carat emerald and a 3 carat ruby. Ja’Deir found 2 (3) carat emeralds. Asher found 2 (7) carat diamonds. Overkill found a 13 carat ruby and a 9 carat ruby. Indaris found a (6) carat diamond and a (3) carat diamond.

*I stressed to folks that they should remember to UPDATE THEIR BACKPACKS and put all their loot away lest it be taken by the Divine Hand of Fate.*

Next we encountered Oric Bellode’s disembodied head and it is inside three pulsating circles of magical energy — and Mack — a human Monster Hunter. I began crying, emotional and forlorn — rushing to the head of Oric and cradled the beheaded skull as Otto rushed up and howled for all he was worth. I am reminded of the feelings I had when I witnessed Oric’s abduction and subsequently failed to prevent it. I am reminded of the face of the Agent. I am reminded of the face of evil. And I am renewed in my resolve and reminded of the debt that lays before me. I have always been at peace with my fate. When it comes time for me to join my parents in Ma’ip I will do so without reservation, hesitation, or regret. The natural order of things demands that my substance return to the earth whence it came. Bennu, furry, lovable, by my side — was a guide on the journey. She lent her helping hand when she could. She reciprocated my faith with her own…and not without a sarcastic note or two. (A giant paw print is stamped here, in ink, on the parchment). Just a word from the Lady. She sends her regards, Uncle. Ahhhh…what it will be like to spread my wings and fly at the side of my father, and his father, and the fiery phoenix, and the elemental father before him, and the mother earth before him…

Oric, my friend, the deed I had once suspected is now confirmed. With my dying breath I will avenge you. While I have strength yet left to fight I will deliver the Agent your warmest regards from beyond. While I have breath yet left to breathe I will live on, in your name, and in your loving memory with the warmth of a soul that embraced life and enriched the lives he touched. Be well, Oric Bellode, and keep clear two spots beside that hearth.

(water-marks here stain the parchment where tears fell and quill pressed an etched emotion into eternity.)

There is work to be done.

Full moon – raise the rainbow
The sea experts – Prepare the bow
An optical miracle – A moon as big as one

It buzzes around your ears
An easy day will follow the twilight
It must be the last full moon
It’s near the promised time

Two thunders
High strain
Threaten mankind
Among two storms
Two thunders
High strain
Threaten mankind
Among two storms

It’s hot although it’s midnight
The Mothers died at once
Father itself the rainbow
Both sons will last no more

The thunder bears two mothers
The mother bears two sons
Echoes in the distance
All turn to sun’s eyes
Jidian introduced us to “the one the gods warned him of…” He then bid us adieu and took his leave of CrIsis. The Legion had need of him and he informed us that the gods have replaced him with “Mack” the epithet-less. We tried to give him a few but I suppose that didn’t win him over with cordiality and the promise of friendship (read: partnership at the very least). We tried “the Knife”, “the Lego-Maniac”, “the Truck”, “the Donald”, “the Big…replete with Special Sauce”, “el More”, “the Row”, “Xe imus”, “A Zeen”, “In Tosh” and a few others but he didn’t warm up right away. Y’know even “freelance” members of CrIsis need a thick skin and a healthy helping of Humor-Sense — an oft-neglected Secondary Skill that levels up VERY slowly. Jidian gave everyone a hug and sprinted off. I asked that we all observe a moment of silence — a moment of prayer — for the fallen Oric. Indaris lead CrIsis in prayer.

Ja’Deir asks if I wish to join him in the mourning ritual of Xarys?

Tyvernos joined the squirrel and followed his lead in the mourning ritual of Xarys. It’s very tai chi. You go through nine positions, Rin; Pyo; To; Sha; Kai; Chin; Retsu; Zai; Zen. Though you do not say Kai, to avoid calling the attention of Set. Each pose you say one word. Zen means Osiris, and is the formal greeting and farewell.

Indaris asked that Jidian do some research and background checks on the Agent. Jidian then told us that his communication might not come from him — in fact that it might come from the Chaos fam-damnily and that they work closely with a College of Navigation in Credia — suggested by Xerxses. Overkill and Tyvernos visited a royal college of navigation in Bizantium.

Next: Circle diagnosis. Overkill and I AGREED that the cave will definitely kill us all if we try to collapse it. Mack asked us if there were healers among us — he wanted us to free his brother and their friend from their comas. Awfully selfish of him — during our time of mourning. Couldn’t he see that we were clearly dealing with bigger matters than a mere coma or two? He should be thankful those still bodies were still alive (wink). Xerx’ses figured that while they were sleeping they’d be easier to fit into his luggage — more malleable I guess, and too little room in the overhead compartment. It won him a Clever and Useful idea but we ended up having to heal the fucker anyway. Would have been a chiropractic mess and Indaris is fresh outta miracles. Le sigh…I am wondering when he’ll forsake the gods and turn to acute-punctures. Mack’s brother came to and pointed out that he has yet to be introduced to CrIsis and they realize they have no clue who we are and why they’re joining us. Turns out they’re all speaking Elven. Turns out the gods have a WICKED Humor-Sense (skill at 98%). Ever get that feeling that you’re being watched? Like breaking the fourth wall will alert you to the fact that you’re not real, that someone else is deciding where you go and what you do and how you act? Like someone else is literally cherry-picking thoughts and implanting them into your skull? Inception.

(more water-marks mar the penmanship and stain the page…they smell like smoke and saliva — both Gnomish and Bernardish.)

Where was I? Oh yeah — smokin’ some of ol’ Oric’s ragweed in commemoration.

Xerxses picked up the man who proposed we run with him as a body guard and alluded to a reward. The minotaur politely informed this man that he isn’t to imply that CrIsis should take direction from him and that CrIsis would gladly go with him in a direction that coincides with our own. By politely informed I mean he lifted him bodily and added “implied threat” to his ever-lengthening list of alignment-blurring actions. I agreed wholeheartedly with the bull. He was 100% right for STICKING UP FOR US — I concurred with the “assertive” Xerxses and put my wee hand on the giant “calf” of the bull in SUPPORT for the de facto leader of CrIsis…

Something in the back of Overkill’s mind tells him he thinks the man looks familiar. I cast cloud of truth from the bong and informed everyone not to be alarmed while we continue our negotiations in the midst of a very wispy light white cloud. We interrogated these guys in the fashion of a Rurgan-Fucking-Inquisition and realized that it didn’t really matter why he was being so evasive because we’re gonna be escorting them regardless — unless of course they intended to stab us in the back.

Tyvernos thinks really hard and gets Ja’Deir’s attention — winking — and tries to get his point across — hoping to get the squirrel to scan the surface thoughts of Gromak and Paul.

Otto barks at Ja’Deir enthusiastically and approaches the squirrel in an attempt to lick his palm.

One of the guys wants to stay behind. At this point I’m like…fuck it.

On the 14th of Grekar we got a “pigeon from my parents” — They are leaving Palladium soon. Sigh. I’ve been away from home for a long time. I’ve had an incredibly rich life filled to near-teeming with experiences both high and low. I will miss them terribly but they have been preparing me for this day for my entire life. My father’s legacy lays with me…in the wind. My mother’s love warmed the cockles of my breast on the coldest of evenings and in the face of my mortality. If this is the next chapter in their lives then I do naught by wish them well and bid them Godspeed. I will see them again soon. In my heart of hearts I know it.

Overkill had heat-exhaustion.

Just because you don’t have a turtleneck doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

CAMINATA ROLLED TWO NATURAL TWENTIES IN A ROW and Indaris is basically the most observant motherfucker in the MEGAVERSE!!!!! Cat people surrounded us. We dispatched them handily and travel onward. Then all of a sudden my Phantom Sense / Sixth Sense started going crazy! We’re surrounded by magical creatures who are attacking us! Mack busts out two daggers and wades into combat. We are set upon by “cat creatures!” MACK ATTACK!!!! MACK THE KNIFE!!!! We vanquish the cat-things. We move on. We’re accosted by FROGS!!! Okay, the trip through the jungle is fraught with peril. We are accosted by CHIMERAs!!!! Xerxses fried em! We move on!

Grekar 20 is the FESTIVAL OF APIS!!!! We honor the cow…somehow. I straddled my scepter and rode it like a cowboy’s wooden horse. Ahhhh…to feel young again! The Scepter of Apis makes a wonderful back-scratching implement. I paid my respects in my own way.

Spring Equinox — monumental!

Grekar 24 – Agent log arrives and BES IS IN CHARGE!!!! GODFUCKER!!!! It is a little known phenomenon of the Elemental Magic that Forces of Nature are neither constructs nor magical in nature. Even gods cannot resist a Tornado…a Typhoon…a River of Lava…a Tidal Wave. Agent, Bes, all your resistances and Saves and bonuses will avail you NAUGHT when it is time to REAP THE WHIRLWIND. Elemental forces are an equalizer. One day, the weak will overcome the strong. One day, the few will overcome the many. And one day, the meek shall inherit Palladium. One day, the Light will overcome the Dark — but NOT, you see, to eradicate Darkness — to embrace the BALANCE. The Church of Dark and Light knows this, intrinsically. The Dark fights to win. The Light simply fights because we must. What the Agent and Bes and Set and even Anubis fail to understand is that there must always be a balance. CrIsis will deliver that Palladia to the meek. It is their custodianship that will pass onward when we have long since left this plane.

Grekar 26 – pigeon arrived for Indaris

Overkill got summoned…FUCK!

Our worst fears realized.

I gave up the finger to Indaris in preparation for my own summoning. Overkill reappeared and informed me of the horrors that awaited. I am the biggest liability. I have seen the Agent, I know the true names of Defilers and Elder beings, I know CrIsis’s plans, I have the RIGHT NOSE-PICKER!!!!. I have a well-spring of knowledge that is ripe for the picking. I…I would do the group too much harm to be captured. I must take my own life, lest my knowledge and memories fall into the wrong hands and sabotage all we have worked for. Thanks Indaris — I won’t ever fucking forget. Ahh…I got an even better idea. Take my own life — they try to summon me — FAIL — resurrect me later (preferably when we’re out of this GODDAMNED JUNGLE!!!!) perfect — save me the trip. I fly first class — in a comfy coffin. Force my teammates to heft my ass around in a box through the jungle — sounds like a fucking plan!

CrIsis isn’t receptive to my plan. Odd. It’s not like I intended to STAY dead. Hah! Besides, Overkill’s done it 7 times now. I’m pretty sure the gods like me more than they like him — at least the one who’s on duty does….hehehe! It is only fitting that Indaris be the one to suicide me and then bring me back. If that’s not poetic I don’t know what is. Uncle, would you believe I never even got the chance to ask him? Sigh…

I steeled myself for summoning. Overkill isn’t INSANE!!!! Luck points to the rescue! Psychic surgery was done by Ja’Deir. WTF is going on? Overkill was near-death. Ja’Deir tried to bring him back to life and Overkill died again until a LUCK POINT is used by Xerxses. Mary arrives. I cast clouds of truth. Xerxes asks Mary to speak something quietly and something that only she would know is true. Xerxses asked Mary about the loss of a child. Xerxses hands Ja’Deir a leaf and tells him he has grief stuck to his fur.

After that everything gets blurry. It probably wasn’t important…

Written by Tyvernos on…an unknown date, in the 70th year of the Wolfen Empire.

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