Hey I Know It’s Short Notice. . .

Dearest Professor Malkin,

My name is Jinx and I am siege weapon operator aboard the Shield of Light, the single most dangerous ship to sail any sea of this world. Just so I am being clear the danger comes not from the ship, but every fracking situation we get in!

Leviathans of the Floenry Isles got me tossed overboard and nearly drowned. Were it not for Kom’var Spellborn I would be a goner.

Sea Serpents and I got knocked overboard again and saved by either Zorrus, Silent Dream, maybe both?!?

My point being we are fleeing a the holy city of Haven because our Captain went on board land again and hung out with the single biggest target in all the damn world, the living Demigod, our Admiral! Deliver the damn barrel and pick up the next package was all they had to fracking do!

Nope, it gets better!

This time they find spare time (fracking who really has “spare” time – more like slacking off to me) to play with kids, get attacked by whores, and captured by dark priests! All they had to do was deliver a barrel which they lost facing off against whores! WHORES! What did one of them steal it up her skirt!?!? Then the admiral goes and gets in another fight with a dark god and kills this one! I am terribly sorry let me write that twice since it denotes THAT THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE!!!

“…gets in another fight with a dark god and kills this one!”

Yeah, I know but the reason I am writing was due to a promise I made the good Father. If he died I was to inform you to wait three days to see if he can be brought back to life. If not then please let Nara Tureld know. I hope the Admiral can bring him back? If anyone can do it is him.

Well that covers it Mister.Rambler,


Sent upon 24th of Grekar in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.



5 Responses to “Hey I Know It’s Short Notice. . .

  • I moved this over for Scott once it was done. I updated the Shield of Light page and the art page for the Jinx token.

  • Great Jinx pic, and great to get more of a feel for him!
    This really made me laugh… and the Admiral is not the best shot for Indaris, btw….

  • “All they had to do was deliver a barrel!” Lol, hasn’t he learned by now that nothing’s ever easy when it comes to CrIsis?

  • The adventures of Jinx

    buy it now before all the copies are gone 🙂

  • WOW…Jinx is really FRACKIN’ pissed the FRACK off. Great to see other Upper Echelon Crew write logs, get to see more of the alter egos of the players.

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