Hey, ReSet

Hey, ReSet.

I have a request for you. To this point you have been opposed to us directly, and have been a thorn in our sides, as we have been in yours. We have killed your members and you have killed ours. Now that you have achieved your goal at the cost of an artifact of your god I have a proposal; We will return Anubis’ sword to you should you return the Osiris Right Hand to the Pyramid of Osiris in The Land of the Damned.

We understand that you would be taking your lives in your hands should you choose to do this, but continuing to face off against CrIsis does the same. We have killed more of you than you have killed of us. You always leave with your tails between your legs, and even this time, we killed two for the exchange of one.

You will be losing more and more of yourselves as you continue to strive against us. You may get another piece, but let’s be honest: the only reason you got this piece was because of luck. ReSet, you are outmatched. Welcome to the hell of your life. You will be striving against us, dying as you strive, and if you are really lucky the stars may align again and allow you to take another piece of Osiris.

I have news for you however; There are only six pieces of the god in this realm. Ten pieces of the god have been returned to temples. We have seen him, and he now has Lungs. He will begin to speak out once again. He has his member. He has his strength. You thought to stop us at the temple in Credia and thought that you had all but won.

You didn’t yet realize that you have all but lost. When we finish the God, you will be killed as your reward. Why not spend your lives in a better cause? When Osiris is the judge of the dead, when people get their just rewards, would you prefer to have guilt on your soul leaving you under the control of Anubis for the rest of eternity, or would you prefer to be in Ma’ip?

I can’t promise you that one act will change your outcome, but it is your only hope.

We’re not asking for you to join us in the light, but we are asking you to meet us halfway. That is what balance is in reality. You are evil, CrIsis is good and we can work together when need be. You’re allowed to be as evil as you like. It is your choice. That is the choice we seek to protect.

You have taunted us in the past. You have tried to force something with us, and have attacked us at our weakness…and yet continued to lose. You believe that it is only a matter of time before you get more pieces. I have news for you: since you started attempting to steal a piece from CrIsis we have deposited no less than four pieces in pyramids.

You haven’t yet realized this, but you have lost. We’re just nailing you in your coffins. Now is your last moment, your last hope, your last chance to make something of yourselves other than abject failure.

Hannah, the biggest Member of CrIsis…or at least the rider thereof.

(Note: Sent via pigeon to Zizean in Çynopolis .)

Picture by our own AZ Rune

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