How Rell Recovered

Finally, Dry Feet.

From the Journal of Rell, written using Eastern Phonemes and Fairyspeak words.

Dated this 29th day of Ra in the 340th year of the dominion:
I have come to a decision. I shall allow the gods to make my writings clear, for I shall no longer do so. While I much prefer writing clearly, these last few weeks have hammered the need for secrecy into me.

Just today we ran into a bar keep who was a follower of Set. Apparently this is something common here in the Wolfen Kingdom.

Is it safe to say we’re in the Wolfen Empire? It will have to be. Especially since a minion of Set already knows we were there. Yes, were. I realize that this record is out of date long before it will reach the hands of the individuals who purchase a published volume, but my companions still fear that the agents of darkness will be able to follow us by means of this record…when our own actions do a much better, and more timely job of giving away our intentions to the enemy.

We met Tyvernos, and demanded than he display his CrIsis ring for all, including the minion, to see. We need to be more circumspect about this if people in my party really want to hide our movements from the walkers in shadow.

We left shortly after realizing that there was a follower of Set in the bar, all of us that is except for Chip. He apparently stayed behind to finish off the six ales that he ordered. Far be it from a potential spy to dissuade Chip from slaking his thirst.

We ended up meeting a singular dwarf by the name of Oric Bellode. He is a merchant and the one-time guide that led Tyvernos to our group, or at least to the port where we met him.

He invited us into his home, and then later promised that we would be guided further on our journey.

I only hope that this journey is not short lived, and neither is his apparent hospitality.

Dated this 1st day of Horus in the 340th year of the dominion:
After two days of beautiful weather, in which we had nothing to do but laze around the port town, today dawned dark and wet…and cold. I decided that a little meditation would be in order and made myself and Chip impervious to the chill. He decided to run around in his shorts. In the rain. Seeing the miserable expressions of our companions I had to laugh, but it wouldn’t last the entire day.

About midmorning we were set upon by Bearmen who announced their presence by both their intent and their rustling in the trees. They ran almost as soon as they appeared, only having caused injury to the dog. Greldarr healed the beast, Tyvernos’ mount, and we again took to the sodden road.

At noon, Fred, one of the normal guards for Oric, challenged Cava to an archery contest, which Cava won easily.

The rest of the soggy day we traveled without incident.

Written the morning of the 2nd day of Horus in the 340th year of the dominion:
Tyvernos will bear watching in the future. We were paired two beings at a time for each watch, and the lout fell asleep. Under normal circumstances this might have been acceptable, but in this one, it wasn’t as we were set upon by Ice Giants.

Gavin stopped three of them from even approaching us, which left two more to be contended with.

Chip cowered in fear at the sight of them, and I begin to wonder if much of his swagger was nothing more than the braggadocio that it at first appeared. He couldn’t even wound the dragon with his “gun” that could “shoot through mountains” after all.

I got a couple of fair hits on the giants, but nothing that seemed to slow them down, and their breath and immense swords seemed about to turn the tide decidedly in their favor.

Uttering a silent prayer I released my axes, hoping to in some way slow these monsters down. The moment they left my hand I knew that I’d struck a solid blow, but I didn’t know how true my aim had been until I saw the right arm of the creature fall to the road.

The giants ran at the sight.

I thank Chip for giving me the idea, because seeing the arm of the other giant fall limp, something that Chip caused to happen with his magic, suggested that I should attack the arm of the creature as well. They would still have their breath to fight against us with, but at least their immense swords would be removed from the fight.

It ended well, but I can’t help but feeling that it is somehow Tyvernos’ fault.

Dated this 3rd day of Horus in the 340th year of the dominion:
After Gavin’s loss of 1000 gold yesterday in their archery contest Fred offered a double or nothing bet. With the obvious improvement shown by Gavin I assume that he did something to augment his ability with his mind mage powers.

I was supposed to face the winner, but Gavin chickened out and I ended up throwing against Cava’s archery.

The first throw, I split his arrow. Not too difficult with an axe, but a tie none the less. The second thrown I again hit the bullseye, thinking that Cava would have a difficult time splitting my axe.

The arrow lodged flush with the blade and again in the bullseye.

The third round I won by mere inches.

I think I allowed this to go to my head. I’d tied twice and then pulled ahead by one. Cava trounced me the next two rounds.

Nothing wagered nothing lost.

At least we had nothing of a violent nature seeking to harm us today.

Dated this 5th day of Horus in the 340th year of the dominion:
We arrived in the city today to find a glorious temple to the sundered god and immediately headed there, forgetting the instructions we’d received previously regarding the storage of the part.

We were escorted the the pinnacle of the temple, where we met with Ramen who directed us to disrobe and bath in the waters there. I came out and realized the pull of my scar on my back was gone. Reaching behind me I realized I could no longer feel it at all.

In fact, I realized that the feelings that the event that gave me the scar always brought to my attention were gone as well. I had finally, truly, forgiven my father for allowing me to be sent to the lash. I didn’t even realize until that moment that I still harbored resentment over that event.

The small scars at my neck were also gone. I was whole, mind and body, for the fist time that I could remember.

We were given robes to wear into the temple and then once again we found ourselves on the savanna.

The walk to the second temple was neither long, nor arduous, but the moment we began our ascent to the top, in a line abreast with me in the middle, we began to feel the weight of our sins. We were weighted down more and more the further that we ascended until finally we were reduced to crawling the last few feet to the top.

When each of us finally reached the top, our burdens were lifted and we could again stand.

Isis appeared before us and spoke to us. The words she spoke will not be shared here, but they burned into my consciousness and will be with me for the rest of my life.

After our conversation, a blue fire engulfed the Tongue of Osiris and four Ramen took positions guarding this piece of Isis’ husband.

I only hope that our troubles in the future will be less and not more. I have a bad feeling, however, that we have only just begun.

Posted by Rell on the 5th day of Horus in the 340th year of the Eastern Dominion.

Picture from Robin Hood:Men in Tights

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  • “I only hope that our troubles in the future will be less and not more. I have a bad feeling, however, that we have only just begun.”

    He feels the burden lift…but then it only seems to become heavier.

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