I Assume my Position


First news of immense import. I am now the Priest of CrIsis. It would seem that Indaris has chosen to distance himself from his oaths. I learned of this from none other than Ra. While my original godmeet did not go as planned, and in fact did not in any way match those given to others, this newest one went much more in line with what I would have expected from this.

I was whisked away in the night and met Ra in the Ma’ip. I saw the tall grass and I breathed in the scent of life.

Not only that, but the only word of admonishment that he gave me was that I should look to my own hide more while we combat our enemies. Oh, it was so great to meet with a god who did not hate me because one of Her own fell.

Not that I blame her. From my readings Hannah was a force in CrIsis. Whether for good, Ill or something in between I know not, but she was a force, and she had only recently become the first Paladin of Bennu to come from the Fairies.

She could have changed the world.

Now, it comes to me to change it.

How strange is it, my heart, to realize that the Gods agree with you? They want me to complete this quest whole and return to you just as much as you want me to complete this quest whole and return.

I am not ignoring your request to aid, and will do my best to come up with something worthy of you, and something that we can truly use to further our quest. It requires more thought.


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9 Responses to “I Assume my Position

  • Such is his passion and temperament, I look forward to such affairs of his heart!

  • The title of this log, from Grignak, gave me a totally different expectation of what it would contain than I ultimately discovered.

    • Yep. I initially titled it “Grignak takes up his proper position”, but then the double entendre was just awesome, so I tossed it in.

    • You can say that again…HELLO!

  • Here’s to hoping that Grignak succeeds in changing the world!

  • HELL, not just Grignak, ALL of CrIsis has changed the world

    • It’s worlds, not world.
      – Xerx’ses

      Dave ran a game where the prophet on that world writes our tales. Even the Defilers thought it would be a thousand worlds we would alter!

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