I Killed A Snipe Demon!!!

Beloved Lifemate and my Lady,

I made it to the Northern Wilderness! I cannot begin to express how excited I am that I don’t really feel cold and heat anymore. It’s not to say that fire and ice based magics will not continue to harm me in some small measure. I can play in the snow! However, being the month of Corg means no snow for some weeks until the first signs of fall begin. Well, thanks to the Great Tree of Life we were teleported into a village the Native Humans, or Eoten as they refer to themselves, call Kanáta’.

While the Humans of Bizantium call this the Shadow Coast and were currently within the Shadow Colony of Outer Cadeth. The Eoten tribes people refer to it as Bear’s Head Bay. From what little I can see of the village buildings are harvested from the materials found naturally among the great trees of this land which make Giants seem small in comparison. No, really, I’m not joking they are that big!

Well, we were introduce to Chieftain Way-Ra by Ursus given tribal names, mine is Godly. Fairly certain I don’t need to expound on that, hahaha! The good father is named PaPa, which I think would be hilarious if you would share this with Nara so she can poke some fun at my best friend! I love making jokes! Well the good Chieftain offered us a feast to celebrate the return of Ursus or Honorable Bear Man. No Name or EmEm as he is known among the tribe snickered that if if Ursus is the bar for honor, then he feared for the tribe. As a joke we all make at each other’s expense it was truly humorous, but I smiled looking away not wanting to dishonor Ursus in his home.

I think I have you up to speed on everything? How’s your brother and my friends in the Company of the Hexataur doing? Since you have read the Books of CrIsis make sure the Minotaurs know what I have learned about moving among small folk to avoid any mistakes. For as upbeat as I am I miss you and and I am worried about Aleyne. I’ve had no contact or reply from Captain Jershon or the Shield of Light. Though, Heebo and Walrus didn’t bring me bad news and our mission kept me from having time to ask them. Heebo has rejoined us and I will ask him on the morrow about what – if anything – he knows.

How are you doing? I can only imagine what giving birth is like but all of the women I saw doing so seemed agitated over time from prolonged pain. While I hope you hate it a little bit I know you understand why I am not there yet. Our children are going to be phenomenal at whatever they choose to do in life! Largely, because their mother is amazing! I am concerned about my involvement in their lives, for while I hope for a break of about 50 years to see my children grown. I am far more worried about evil in the world trying to wreck my father and husband time. Alas, I made the choice to accept being a Demigod. {BEGIN YOUR COLORFUL EDITS HERE}Oh, I have a surprise for you. If you say my name and concentrate very hard I should be able to hear the next nine words you say! It would certainly explain the really, really odd dreams I have at night. Six of them have been about vows of matrimony! Sadly, I have not figured out how to make this two way just yet but I know it involves my book of station, Uradi Votum Caelo Lux. That surprise should allow you a quicker method of contacting me.{END EDITS} On a completely unrelated note I am becoming rather partial to the colors of yellow and blue. I’m hoping when I get to see you perhaps, Lady Torchwood, can help get you a few outfits made with those colors. I’m told girls love new clothes and hope I have not missed the mark here.


I forgot about Dream or Little Foxer as Ursus has dubbed him. Well, our Little Foxer has a girl interested in him. She is very pretty for an Elf, and I was worried for a bit there as she matches Lady Rhiana in height. But joy of joys she seems to head over heels in getting foxy! Wow, I can’t help myself, bad jokes and good jokes I love them all, ah-hahahahah! I can see now how the Chief of the tribe learned to speak Elven. She has the position of scout among the tribe of humans, likely there’s a tale of mutual assistance explaining this. The Chief had assigned her to lead us to Terosh, the Iceborn necromancer plaguing the Bizantium Kingdom. Oh yes I forgot the Elf’s name is Nimaya. Well, I remember that Elanu, had asked CrIsis to look a fellow by the name of Stonelogger or one of his kin. When I mentioned this our initial direction changed and we are off to see him or her currently.

Grignak, or Totem Pole (Trolls are tall after all), is a fine Priest of Bast, however, he keeps trying to check if I want to fool around with Nimaya. Apparently in trying to be friendly I guess it has come off as flirting. I am not about to go through another round of Mistress Iana and Master Azariel. I made it very clear the most I will entreat right now is friendship, because I made a promise to you and I don’t know anything about how Dream’s tribe views love.

Now finally the reason for my letter, apparently, there’s a rather rare creature in north called a “Snipe” and it has a ground dweller version (lots of claws), a tree dweller version (has feathers and can fly short distances), and some have been corrupted by demons and could be mistaken for other types of demons! My friends are the best with the help of Dream and his girlfriend, Nimaya, we found a Snipe Demon on the way to see Stonelogger! With help I hit it three times and killed it by shoving my lightning shackled fist through its maw and out the back side of its skull! Today is going GREAT!

In closing kisses to you and our children.

Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn


Immortal Minotaur Demigod

Arcanist Holy Paladin for Osiris the Lawgiver

War Wizard & High Weaver of the Tri-Arcanum Guild

Member of CrIsis

AKA: Admiral Osric Orghallar of the Shield Of Light


Sent on the 7th of Corg.


Picture by our own AZ Rune.


5 Responses to “I Killed A Snipe Demon!!!

  • The real Snipe hunt has yet to truly begin!

  • We’re going on a snipe hunt! We’re going to catch a big one! Fun log!

  • Hit three times and skullfisted to boot? Well, so much for the Snipe Demon ………

  • I Can’t believe I was able to get a Snipe hunt into Palladium, that is fracking awesome. Xerx’ses, the hunt for the ever elusive snipe is an endless task, are you up to the challange?

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