If I Survive, What Then?

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Brother Malkin.
| At the at the Library of Bletherad.

Good Master Chronicler of Light,

~ The 6th of Corg ~

I am writing this from the top of the 100 steps of honor for “She of Countless Names” on the newly created pyramid here in Bletherad. I know tomorrow I have to help the Great Keeper locate some missing books, and on that topic I want to be wrong. I want them to be found by a scholar or wizard simply researching what I am researching – ancient magic. I have been working on a spell that has come to me so that I may mimic the fabled guardian of the Wastelands, As’gharjan, the Minotaur Druid of legend. While I met him once when I was but five years old, and I was told his chosen name of Baalgor was for the land he swore to protect and As’gharjan was for his runestaff, which in your native tongue translates to Twiggyleaf.

I bet you’re mildly wondering why am I shar…

…As’gharjan would never leave the Wastelands, so he wasn’t the Minotaur that came here 200 years ago, right? Well, I am sharing some of the items about my tribe because I want the world to know about us rather than be scattered to the winds of a tornado as Master Aesyl was. Thank you again for putting the silvered skull of Arheleg Hescu in the section on Baalgor to honor my tribe’s librarian and last watcher of its Seed Library.

Even though we just left the party and I think most are headed back since this pyramid is guarded by Master-Sister Caminata, Master Bungo, and Master Burlap. I suspect that they will be sent either Ramen, Phoenixi, and/or a Sphinx to bolster their ranks when we place a piece here. The Sphinx, you had mentioned in your “Acceptance of my Apology” was not present during our rather short visit.

I don’t believe I need to rehash the “terrifying missive” that made us leave the wondrous party you have thrown for us. I saw my “Spellborn Twin” arrive at the party as we were leaving and I am sure he could enjoy the social interaction. You can talk to a walking breathing spell! He is likely more jovial than I am at the moment after facing 17 Ratlings and coming closer to death than I have since a certain mountain range of note. I unleashed upon them what it means to face a “War Wizard” and I am aware several residents saw me in the Harness of Law, wielding Callandor, and calling down a torrent of lighting strikes upon our foes all at the same time!

Xerx’ses, you did fine and five of them ran away screaming about “no book is worth this!”

True, I have no idea what book they are talking about but if this is what the Zealotry has to throw at us then our next encounter may prove dire. Numbers, even in an inferior class of foe, can overwhelm even the strongest opponent. They were well coordinated and had studied us trying to use Master Overkill’s voice to lure us into a trap saying he had escaped the underworld. Fame’s double edge sword is finally coming around to bite us it would seem if our enemies can study us then we should be cautious. Luckily absolutely none of us believed the ruse, though none of us expected a group of 17 assailants. I figure this is the minimum we should expect going to Hades in due course.

What I am not sure about is if the Anubian Troll Twins, Figbit & Lagram, I met in the library on the 5th of Corg when I figured out the existence of a code in the Book of Osiris, saw that display. I am sure they heard 17 simultaneous thunder claps that followed it. I am also certain my friends are thrilled my aim was not off since a number of them were within 10 feet of a blast hitting the Ratlings they were facing.

Hmm, the Anubian Twins, I am worried because they were polite and while it was short I enjoyed their conversation with me. Is it wrong that I enjoyed speaking with people that identified to me as the enemy? Until our chosen faith came up we conversed as intellectuals, well I attempted to at least. I mean they said they are from the Nimro Kingdom of Giants! Maybe I will finally get a chance to ask Rystrom Khejas about returning that book to the Library of Thoth he took from Sekti-Abtu!

Oh back on the 2nd of Corg my crew played a hilarious joke on me regarding the sleeping with an elf. Apparently, there is a fan of CrIsis known among his fellows as Rian Seacress. T’would appear he got drunk with some of CrIsis and the crew whom dressed him up in monk robes and hung a makeshift sign around his neck that says,”I AM ELF.” Then they tossed him into my room where I found him waking up. Deciding for once to appreciate how much I had been accepted if they were pranking me I played along and kissed him on the head and whispered in his ear as his head was raising, “You were fantastic last night, I’ll sign your book now.”

I was rolling inside because I let him interpret the statement in whatever way he wanted! I did sign the book of course. However, there is nothing funnier than watching someone walk off the ship trying to discreetly check their private parts in clothes that they know not how they came to be in them! The crew said he was doing the walk of shame, and when my faced looked concerned they said they’ve all done it so not to feel bad. They teased me saying, “When you meet that special elf you’ll do it to…” Eyes batted her, well, eyes at me in a flutter. That poor girl needs to see an herbalist or alchemist to prevent that irritation from making her eyes do that.

When Annie called out that breakfast was ready I was excited to get out of the chill of the morning. Our little fairy princess, Hannah, made some holy fairy cheese and when I ate it I felt considerably more holy than normal. In fact, I had the distinct impression that it would be hard to lie AT ALL. I also felt like trying to help everyone around me and met for several hours before heading into the Library that day! That is fairy food I want stock in!

During my helpful, effervescent mood I was introduced to, Herald Rainier, and according to a spell I used – a rather talented, highly skilled woodland ranger. Since Brother Ley-Rhy had other plans I invited Herald to take the spot as we headed to Haven and the Glade. From there we began to split up and go our own ways. I have to assume Master Ja’Deir and his, beloved mate, were attempting to bring a new life into the world. I have mixed feelings about this because it feels like an afront to Great Isis to try and create a family before she gets back the one you promised to help her with. I am sure my lack of experience with women as a whole may be skewing my viewpoint. Since Mistress Hannah cannot go to the Library she said she would find our resident Ashada and look up more rangers for info about Glade.

Father Indaris and Master No Name looking for locals to help as tithing for acts of service to the Gods of Light. They attempted to help other Kobolds that had followed in Master Asher’s path of worshiping Ra! From what I can understand they ran afoul of another group of the Solarium, a Kobold purist group trying to preserve the dark ways of the race. Now, they didn’t not kill my companions after they defeated them! They brought them back in exchange for the ancient magic items they used to attack us in Wisdom. When I informed them I had turned them over to my superiors in the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild. They returned my friends and left the island I believe. Looks like the lone member of the trio we faced in Wisdom spread the word of what happened. Knowing I was sending potential foes to the guild I sent a Magic Pigeon Spell to Master Kel-ed telling him about the Solarium coming.

Dear Master,

In order to retrieve our companions from the Kobolds of the group I believe is called the Solarium. I had to explain about my donation of the items to the Guild. I only realized after they left that Hannah still wore the ring as a second belt. I am sorry but it appears that magic referred to as the Ludicrous Tradition is what the staff provides. I am very sorry I was to dumb to realize about the ring until afterwards, but I wanted to warn you. I remember reading somewhere that forewarned is forearmed.

In service,

The following day Master No Name returned to the Kobold farm and is helping them with labor and service to one’s fellow neighbor. On the fourth, Father Indaris made an extra trip out to invite the farmers to the party, and Master No Name swore to stay behind and guard the farm from reprisal. Master Ja’Deir and Mistress Hannah reserve Auntie Ev’s for the aforementioned party, and then spend the day with Mistress Vesuvia, whom I saw briefly at the party. Father Indaris and Master Herald go map checking / questing. Master Herald’s vision about the third map room bearing fruit of the search turns out to be accurate. We now have a map showcasing the way to Yggdrasil which should get us that much closer to Glade. Ursus in a library is creating quite a stir because I cannot watch him as I am also researching.

Our initial visit ends on a dire note about seven of the books regarding Tolmet and Lictalon, to which I still feel may have been strategically pilfered from the Library. I really hope I am wrong about the books. I hope the search doesn’t take to long from my research as well. Because if I am right then I may have figured out the first step on the path to divinity! The spell… errr ritual is probably a better choice of word will have changes to me I can’t completely map out. However, I am left with the nagging question “if I survive, what then?” I will never match the ancient arch-mage in fame, I won’t become a priest such as Indaris and a Bishop.

Golden One, that is true but only as long as you wish to be bonded to me. However, I see the incantation forming in your head and you should pursue it. Greatness will be what awaits you if you survive

One day at a time then…

Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent at Highmoon upon the 29th of Corg, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

All art by AZ_Rune.


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