In The Wake Of Ages

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17th of Thoth

Envoy Alloywin Earthseeker,

My good man this world is so strange to me. In “Congress” only the royal families, their aids, and those around during the “War of the Fair & the Strong” at the Great Thunder were sequestered into the dimension we came to call Congress. It took a mere year for the healing to begin. Once a decade had passed we were a single people. Those with titles were expected to be administrators because they were trained for such things. Aside from how far magic has eroded in this world, its breath of peoples residing upon it staggers me as much as it evokes the wonder of a child on Horus’ Day. For every welcome given, I yet feel an interloper upon the world of our peoples’ origins.

I feel the same about each of the real heroes amongst CrIsis. There have been valid efforts made to make me feel one of them. Yet, I feel a dingy adrift in a sea cast in perpetual sunrise, that bright sun and its golden glow cast from the band upon my arm. I understand as the phrase “heavy is the crown” the way a child understands pain after their first fist fight. Each of these bands carry the weight of a kingdom with them, even if only visible within your mind’s eye.

Today I stood within the throne room of the Western ruler, Emperor Voelkian Itomas II and made a fool of myself. Were it not for the will of, Mighty Ra, and fear of disappointing my sister, among others – I would have left. I spend most of my time just trying to keep my mouth shut. Despite what the elf juggler feels he is far more brave than he can see. Where the average person would see what we see and run, he continues to try and find his place. My attempts to bond with Ursus failed spectacularly! While I have managed to prove I can hold my own drinking the Demon’s Brew from the Land of the Damned. I feel the same sibling rivalry I used to have with my sister. Last thing the quest needs is a brother for me to argue with as I already have a sister for that.

I thought I was being nice and waiting till all of the important members of CrIsis went and spoke with the Emperor Itomas, but Ursus managed to evade my social graces. The last thing I need to do is stand out compared to real heroes. Still the lesson was learned to just stay quiet and perform my tasks when needed. After all, if you’re out maneuvered by what most would call a country bumpkin, albeit an honorable, and loyal one. Then perhaps you are the one needing schooling? What does it say when the only place you know how to fit in is among people that would rather see your head on a pike? I told him the history of New Kingdom Dragon Talismans that are used as coins now!

Hades, every time I try to mention the wonders of Koris Gwaisol – Kingdom of Ælfrik, per our agreement, it seems to fall on deaf ears! It frankly feels fake because I have not lived more than a few days there. I have not lived more than a few days anywhere! I have traded one war for another and all I see is blood! I would ask to be released from our arrangement, because I fear doing you and Lord Lictalon a larger disservice because my descriptions of the wonders of the realm are as hollow as an empty gift. I have been trying to re-connect with Dwarves of this world, but the quest derails this every tim…

…I had an epiphany. I just had one of the attendants change all the linens for some that were stained black in this room. I have asked how much they might cost if I were to buy a set for myself later. While I received the information, the servant informed me I was to have this set as a gift of the crown. I made sure to pass my thanks on and then made myself some crude rags to cover me in the color of night once he left. I am going to find the Temple of Ra and then seek out the poor and destitute with their guidance. Maybe I can’t find my people to connect with but I can find people in this city to help connect with. I might be a poor ambassador for your lord and Koris Gwaisol, but as a warrior monk of the Botherhood of the Iron Wind, I can at least continue acts of public service to those in need. The guards are beginning to change shifts I will write again soon.

Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves

18th of Thoth

Envoy Alloywin Earthseeker,

My good man I won’t detail how I made my way out of Imperial Palace in the cover of night. There’s a few rogues though I caught pilfering the citizenry wondering why the rogue that rough them up wanted to know how to find Temples of Light. It was fun to get back to just throwing axes. Having a demigod’s strength certainly made pressure points really drive stuff home for getting info. I turned over all of the stolen trinkets/monies to the church in hopes they can find a way to get it back without getting arrested the way I was dressed. The priest on duty asked if I was abandoning a life of crime, and it was everything I could do to not laugh out loud! I explained I had been touched by the Gods of Light and was looking to help with a soup kitchen. I was given directions to docks and when the priest glanced away I faded into the shadows and disappeared into the night.

It felt very different than the hunt for the great Frost Wyrm that murdered my parents. This time I was hunting joy and hope to share it with others. Vengeance and selfish desire were not taints upon this night rolling towards dawn. Once I made it to the soup kitchen on the docks I passed myself as a warrior down on his luck. My wrapped up axes helped to sell that very well and when I proved I could cook and stretch the food they let me help. I did not hide my strength and setup the entire group of 30 long tables, benches, and serving area in scant minutes. What surprised everyone was how good the soups were that day and how many they were able to feed. When asked my name I said it was Torrun, but just left off my family name. I saw Humans, some Dwarves, tiny Orcs, Gnomes, and even Elves among the few hundreds we fed that morning.

I decided against trying to get to know any one group in particular. Rather with the help of the, Rune Ring of Ithan, I would just listen to them talk amongst themselves. I would wander the tables and serve more food to everyone there. All leaders should try this because you only truly learn how to lead if you know how to serve. Only when directly asked a question did I use my skill at speaking publicly to help people feel hope. If I could actually help them with a topic then I did so with gusto. I did walk away knowing that while one’s means may change from social class to social class the types of problems really don’t. Maybe it is foolish wishing but I feel I was able to provide actual guidance to those that asked for it. My streetwise smarts from misadventures in Congress allowed me to stop three brawls and I was able to talk the guards down each time looking to also just keep the peace. I defended an Orc today from being hauled off to chains and possibly slavery. When she tried to thank me I told her I did it because Ra says if we all can’t stand in the light that’s how shadows and evil spreads. I also reminded her that I didn’t want to ruin the day for anyone else getting help here. So she should remember to check her temper before she scares someone away that really needs the food, help, and brief community the kitchen can give. She nodded and went back to her meal as I picked up dishes for cleaning.

I took a break later in the morning and shot a magic pigeon from the ring to Merkl since I figured everyone should be up by now. After lunch service we closed up for the day and I thanked everyone from the church and those serving alongside me for this gift of learning. I offered all the linens in case they could get them altered for table cloths or clothing. Standing as a Prince once more, the head gourmand chef stared at me and my ‘ring’ as I made the mudra of Sha and left the soup kitchen. With deft speed I moved up over the crowds to the roof tops and made my way back to CrIsis.

Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves

19th & 20th of Thoth

Envoy Alloywin Earthseeker,

My good man I want you to know how much I honor and celebrate your service you provided to your people in the “War of the Fair & the Strong”. Reading the first hand accounts of those from that time was required as a prince of the court. However, I made sure to know the non-Dwarven accounts as much as those of my kin. It took me a bit to realize I have read a few accounts of you saving people at great risk to your life and limb. Over these last two days I have been given some information I found interesting. One of the members of CrIsis, Silent Dream or Apis’ Luminary, found something you used to own. A crystal dagger, from your time serving in the war. It is now in the possession of our Grim Gardener, the Nameless One.

Silent Dream is a psychic of significant caliber that he must be known to Mighty Ra. He saw visions of the past when you were fighting in the Great War. According to the vision he received you were dressed in finery at some sort of special gathering. Without any noticeable warning you spun and throw the dagger towards a Dwarf that was present at the event, whom is also dressed in fine clothing. The dagger struck its intended target in the head, making him bleed but not killing him. Strong emotions of anger and vengeance accompany this vision of your past self. The last thing our psychic noticed is that the Dwarf seemed to be wearing a ring very similar to my signet ring. Given that there were at one time a thousand of the runic signet rings that mark one of the branches in the royal line I am not surprised to see it on them.

Now Silent Dream found a way to share the vision with me and I did recognize the signet ring as belonging to clan Dragonhammer. Their crest was a black dragon holding a silver hammer and I believe they lived in mountains in either the southeastern Wolfen Empire lands, or northern Eastern Territory lands. Having only read about these lands in books I am not that familiar with modern borders to fledgling nations. Ho there, I almost forgot to wish you well on your recent airship ride over the mountains. Dream said he could see you and below you in the valleys he could make out Trolls and Orcs populating them. Well tiny Trolls and Orcs considering those from Congress were twice the height of those in this world.

It is my earnest hope to not make you feel bad bringing up the past. I fervently hope that you understand I know that is not whom you are now. This is the one thing all but, Raulf and perhaps Dream, I find annoying about CrIsis members. These troubles are bad, make no mistake, but they have not been at war for over a decade. Very few of them have walked off a battlefield soaked in the blood of friends and foes. They have not had to stand before families and present them with their loved ones uniform, and final possessions of that life. This is the reason I have refused all contact with Mary. I have seen the Agreement broken and will not risk her safety to anyone in CrIsis or myself. Even were she to forgive me for signing up I won’t risk it no matter how lonely I get. It is that kind of dedication I see you exhibit in dealing with your Lord. I commend you for that commitment and salute your service. I do so in this letter because if Humans and Wolfen read it maybe they can move past the feelings of loss that follow war. They have much to learn from each other and hopefully our discourse can help this move forward.

At least I hope so, for it is right and good to wish for such things,

Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves

21st of Thoth

Envoy Alloywin Earthseeker,

My good man I write this after experiencing one of the best days! I am sure you’re aware of the Holiday for the Lord of Wisdom. However, in my time spent reading the Books of CrIsis I came across a bardic scholar that has captured my interest, one Terramore Gleba, bard extraordinary among word smiths! As an amateur poet I have wanted to just meet him. The meeting was tinged with how much I really don’t know about the social graces of this world or my companions. When I got the chance to meet him he was so kind to me and autographed my book! I guess among the Wolfen it is considered rude. Silent Dream seem to recoil in disgust that I would use my personal poetry book to get the signature. I don’t even care though because now every time I struggle with getting a verse to rhyme I can look at his signature and the other three signatures (remind me to show you if your interested). They inspire me to not give up because they were beginners once upon a time. Still I don’t wish to offend him so I will be more discreet about it.

Now they way I got to meet the Master Bard was by taking a seat at the festival to find new acts to sign to his touring troupe! We got to meet Merkl’s father, Rizoel by watching his merry band perform a WIDE range of acts ranging from juggling, animal tricks, low level magic stunts, and even some amazing slight of hand that could have passed for the real deal! Let’s face it, we made a spectacle of ourselves trying to sway the Master Bard, and we may have actually helped because he signed the troupe. Merkl even got to tell him that Emperor Voelkian Itomas II had graciously lifted the exile and any charge laid upon his father. Rizoel was now free to wander the Western Empire without burdened shoulders! We tried to tell him about some of our adventures involving his adopted son (he is Human), but the cagey gaze suggested that a performer finds the truth scarier than a safe lie. It was so endearing to watch someone care for another but race meant nothing, that was Merkl’s dad.

It warmed my heart that I gripped the frost dragon hide book I kept my poems in. I checked in the back to make sure the only poem my father gave me was in there still. You see this poem was special, it was the speech the Usurper-King ~ Isle-Wind gave in the Golden City of Baalgor on the day the Great Thunder happened. I started writing poetry after reading it. I have been afraid of sharing it because it defines my soul and the person I want to be. I could never “hate” after I read it, maybe if I had read it before hunting the dragon that killed my parents I would be the one wearing the crown. The Rune Ring of Ithan and that poem were the items given to me via his will. He had also given me his armor, however, I abdicated the kingship to Disvanova. She took our Mother’s rune hammer, and the one and true Rune Armor of Ithan. Yes, the one the spell was made to emulate a small fraction of its power. People forgot it even came with a Rune Shield – The Ward of Ithan.

Grignak, or Bast’s Free Agent, was kind enough to introduce us to his wife, the High Priestess Katheryne, of the Temple of Bast. I believe it is called rather coyly, Black Cat’s Dungeon. She seems an elegant hostess, and I can see why she is also the High Priestess.

However, out of all the joy I can see around me I busied myself with helping read tales to the children during the day and running a three card Itom game for the adults at night. I gave all the monies to the Priests of Thoth running the event. Stating that I was acting on behalf of Ra’s church showing support for theirs upon this holy day. I was quiet going back that night to the palace. In the room I found new linens and a spare set dyed black folded next to the bed. I chuckled mightily to myself because clearly I had not escaped everyone’s attention in my last foray. The room I was in was only slightly smaller than my bedroom back in Congress. I wandered over to the window and looked out on the vast sprawling city before me. It was then I realized how alone I was. The day was perfect in so many ways and I had no one to go and talk to about it that really knew me.

Tomorrow I am off to visit both Rizoel and High Priestess Katheryne, when I can break away from everyone. Till then may the winds that carry you be warm and friendly.

Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves



Several Magic Eagles written in Elven between the 17th and 21st of Thoth; in 1st year in the Koris Gwaisol – Kingdom of Ælfrik.


Pictures from our own AZ Rune


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  • While this is a longer log I just hope it gives more insight into Torrun. Especially the number of times he references CrIsis as being “real” or “important” in comparison to himself. It’s the notion of being a soldier, heroes get themselves and others killed. He’s doing his duty, not trying to become a god, or worse, a hero.

  • This was great insight indeed. Torrun and CrIsis literally come from different worlds and it shows in how he tries to relate to everyone but can’t seem to make progress. I say “seem” because he’d probably be surprised to discover he’s made much more progress in that regard than he believes. I think he’s only “alone” at the end because he’s chosen to believe he is.

    As an aside, I move we forever now refer to No Name as “The Grim Gardener.”

  • Love Grim Gardener! Love the Alloywin pic! Love this line, “I have traded one war for another and all I see is blood!”
    I agree with Dream though- Torrun fits in better than he believes.

  • Grim’s the name and Gardenin’s m’ game

  • “…but Ursus managed to evade my social graces.” Yeah he’s good at that…and eating

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