Island of Death

Set’s vacation home


Lemaria almost had me. We finally got away from the craziness and that chief of security, Raf, I think his name was, shows up. He has two squads to arrest us again. I was ready to kill him. Well, after some talking he vowed to help us. It turns out that he had a pair after all and Lemaria hadn’t bleached out every sense of being a guy from him.

He asked his team to go home and he would stay behind because of an oath he told Thoth in a vision. I couldn’t stay mad at him. In the moment we invited the guy to join us and after he dismissed his team we were on our way.

With direction and a purpose (and a new teammate) we were on our way. Traveling a while we came to the island and thought why not fly; why not indeed? Gavin and I were tied to the Centaur and we were on our way! Wouldn’t you know we were doing great at avoiding the sea creature we spotted below us in the lake, only to notice the DRAGON IN THE FRIG’N AIR!! Can I say that I was slightly paranoid, ok I was freaking out but only on the inside. I really wasn’t sure that this was the last cub that we fought or if this was a new guy and if it was a new guy what did he want? I count do much being tied (well with hand free but you know). So Gavin and I are tied and Tyvernos had already cast the spell and we were half way to the island and turning back meant facing that ice breathing lizard.

From the other side of the lake, Tyvernos had summoned an air elemental and told it to take care of that creature in the water while the team took out the ice dragon. Um… yea that didn’t happen. That ice dragon was an adult and he was going to kick our butts. After the air elemental took out the sea creature all we had to worry about was the ice dragon.

We poured everything we had. Karma even dived into the creature and I got a chance to strike at it. Damage? Yea; no nothing. He laughed it off. If he had his way we were going to die but then he changed things and pardoned us if we got something for him; something stolen, a blue diamond. I am so glad that we agreed as a team because I am sure that he would have picked his teeth with our bones. Without S’Erith on our team I was the toughest guy again and the weapons that I had would not take down that dragon anytime soon. I was just glad that Thoth was merciful to have a selfish dragon approach us instead of a killer.

Well, we went to the island unhindered and collected together only to find that that stupid Necrom was up to his dirty tricks. He was in my mind and most everyone elses and before long all the guys were fighting off “him” in our heads and trying to kill each other. Finally I prayed because I didn’t have any other options and wouldn’t you know Thoth took that stupid sword away. He showed up, said “I’ll take that, healed us, and was gone. Man my god is a real pal. (Can I say that?) I was certain that he would not want to hear us whining and want us to figure it out (like Ra). The gods are definitely different from each other.

Ok, where was I? Oh yea. The sword was gone and we were hunting now a diamond and part of Osiris. Now this island wasn’t huge but man did it have a lot of creepy things and critters that wanted to hunt us. We headed to the only building on the island and when we got there it was dark inside and the only thing I saw was a table. Thoth, it was odd. Then suddenly the girl showed up and told us to leave and it wasn’t just once but it was twice. I am not sure what is going on or where our stuff is but I want to get the hell out of here!

Pray for me Mary.


Prayer to Thoth for his beloved on the 11th of Thoth, in the 23nd year of King Bafag.

Picture from Turning 34.

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