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My Best Apology


It is confusing as to what is transpiring. The gods are attacking us in a way that we have never seen; socially. We have always been welcome to the doorsteps of kingdoms, principalities and dukedoms as if we were omens of the gods. I am even sure that Karma who served with us is considered such. Alas, Set and Anubis have stung us in a way that cannot be quickly healed like a curse, injury or dare I say death. When they could not attack the body or the mind the two foul creatures went after the heart. People who would of thought us a friend and ally have shunned us and though our name (CrIsis) a by word not to be mentioned by even children. The death of the King of Bizantium I am sure has started this. I only made it worse by asking that Bizantium and Havea become allies. I refuse to back down as I am a friend of men and wolfen alike.

I am asked to apologize for insulting a duke’s son. I am not sure what the whelps title is of why I should even give him the dirt from my shoes but because I do not know the social graces that you have been thrown into as King of Bizantium I beseech thee for enlightenment; ok I am just yanking ya. I hate apologizing to politicians or their spawn, yet I will entreat him sufficient to give him what he wants. Ah crap, I am speaking now like I’m some kind of stuffed shirt. Well at least my father raised a man that could talk the stuffing out of the bull. Onslaught raised no fool (though he might say such as I was a sailor Dwarf and somewhat denied my heritage and legacy; you and I were supposed to be master craftsman as our fathers are). How is our fathers at any rate and has the war effected Sinza our home?

I will not trouble you much as this is now dribble. (Damn it! There I go again.) Stay healthy and keep your nose clean. Do me a favor, keep the faith and I will keep sending the sailors of the Red Beard.

So to the lords of the Eastern Territories. I apologize for all of my crass and insulting actions words against them and their offspring.

(There I said it. Send that to Malkin.)

Written by Overkill on the 19th of Majestic the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from El Grimlock.

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