Letter to King Avramson

Great King, Merciful King,

CrIsis has recognized the error of it’s ways, and comes before you in supplication. We never intended the slight that has divided us asunder. We were wrong to create a slight so powerful that it would cause pain to the first friend, the greatest friend, that CrIsis has ever had.

You first gave us shelter, and we acknowledge fault in our actions of late. You clothed us, fed us, and armed us for our fight against the dark. Overkill’s coming child will be named after you, great king. Overkill that became a citizen of the kingdom of Havea and never forsook his pledge. Overkill who would have been an ambasador of Havea.

Morgan, Wife of Gavin, came to us from Avramstown. When they married, it was done in Avramstown, CrIsis’ first home. Their entire life together was only possible due to your greatness. Gavin trusted you enough to give you all of his secrets.

CrIsis dropped off the first piece of Osiris here in Avramstown. We risked the wrath of the world for you, Great and Just King.

Were our need not so great, were the need of the world not so great, we would never have come here to increase your wrath upon us, but our need is great.

We know your current need is greater. We submit ourselves to your justice and place ourselves on your mercy that we greatly do not deserve.

We only ask that you allow us to be able to be of use to the betterment of Havea. We shall be forever grateful to have allowed you to condescend to forgive us our almost insurmountable faults against you.

On behalf, and with the agreement of, CrIsis, Grignak.

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