Letter To Malkin


I and the rest of the team are doing well and yes we have been blessed to have success in our journey in acquiring the pieces of Osiris. I still cannot believe that you and I are friends after so much hero warship. I know that I am not your number one fan but I hope that I can be called a revered one. As for the book, Thoth has been such a team player in helping us and our journey and yes I have seen him now a half dozen times and Isis about the same. I would consider them friends too but that would be sacrilege I am sure.

Please publish the book this month if possible for the festival. I am sure that Thoth would be well pleased with the publishing. Also, if you would please put a book dedication to the Gods of Light; I am sure that I speak for all of us when I say thanks for all the help that they have given us and to our success. I am sure that we would not have such progress were it not for them.

Now for a more sobering matter; the loss of Chip and Robert was a crushing blow but we have been blessed with new crew members. Cava and I are now the most senior members of the team. Each of us has come close to deaths door (sometimes more then once) very few of us have been lucky to escape terrible injury. My friend, its all for the good of the Gods and Osiris; I consider myself blessed that I get to be on this mission. While it’s true that I miss my family in Sinza and my girls (my Beloved Betrothed, and daughter) in Northolme I am going to see this through. My world (our world) will be better for it.

Keep the faith,


Sent via Magic Pigeon on the 12th of Thoth, in the 68th year of the Wolfen Empire.

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