Lictalon and Charolyn

A Tragic Love Story

Written by Rod Rambler and recently unearthed at the remains of Wo-Elfenbrut, and edited by Rod Rambler. Shared with the Players- not published in any book of CrIsis.

Chapter 1- The Meeting

The battle had raged for… it felt like years. Lictalon rested briefly, the hordes sent by the Old Ones lifeless around him and his companions. Suddenly Kym-nark-mar, legendary Dragon, arrived in a flurry of wings and air.

“There is some small group of elves that are barely holding their own, just over the ridge there- near that Gazebo! We should assist them!” Lictalon sighed with exhaustion, but teleported immediately to the Gazebo at the top of the ridge.

What he saw shocked even him. Three elves stood, bloody and battered, with at least 20 of their fallen companions at their feet. They were withstanding a charge of at least 20 minotaurs! A group of minotaurs charged, and as Lictalon readied a spell, they came crashing against a psionic barrier! Lictalon completed the spell, brushing aside a few of the Horned Beasts, and it was then he recognized that one of the elves still standing was a beautiful female, deep in concentration. He shook himself as Kym-nark-mar joined the battle in time to unleash some more magic, and rapidly the battle turned.

The elves thanked their saviors, and Kym-nark-mar tended to the wounds of the men, while Lictalon laid his healing hands upon the female, who insisted she was fine, despite her obvious injuries.

“I am Charolyn, and we appreciate your assistance, Lictalon.”

Lictalon stammered, for while he was used to being recognized, he was enraptured by the strong elven woman, and even more surprised by her next words, “You need some healing yourself. Why don’t we rest at the Gazebo, and you can tell me of your next plan in this War.”

So Charolyn and Lictalon retired to the Gazebo, and she used her powerful psionics to not only heal Lictalon, but allow him rest in mere moments. Impressed, he thanked her, and they told each other their stories.

Lictalon at that point had lived over 600 years, and was awed by the power that had come to Charolyn in a mere 150! They shared their tales of battles, of family and friends, and of the destruction caused by the dreaded Old Ones. Kym-nark-mar briefly interrupted early on, stating that he was going back to plan the next offensive with the leaders of the Resistance, and would return here in one week to collect both of them, with a wry smile. Both elves blushingly said their thanks, and continued their conversation.

A few days passed, and they finally acknowledged their affections, and became one. Unknowingly this union, rejoined many times over the next few weeks, imbued the Gazebo with strange powers.

On the 7th day from his departure, Kym-nark-mar returned, along with the leadership council of the Resistance.

Chapter 2- The Plan- Brief Excerpt

…. and so it was decided, that Gods of Light and Dark, and heroes of Palladium, would work together to defeat the Old Ones, and imprison them forever!

Chapter 15- The Aftermath

Lictalon, now a God, met Charolyn at the Gazebo on the anniversary of their first meeting, as they had for the past 400 years. Both gifted with immortality from their assistance in defeating the dreaded Old Ones, they looked the same at face value, but their greeting hug was uncomfortable.

“What is wrong dearest? Have you changed your mind? Will you not be my side to rule Hades?” questioned Lictalon, pulling away.

“No matter how I disguise myself through psionics you still can read the truth instantaneously! No, I cannot! What purpose would I have? What good can I do in a place of death, evil, and despair? Even you and I together would not succeed in creating a different place- its essence is set!”

They went back and forth for hours, settling nothing except that even their love could not bridge this difference. Finally, recognizing that there could not be an agreement, Lictalon smiled and said, “Then let us agree that we shall part, but not until we remember all the love we shared.”

Charolyn, grinning widely, said, “Yes, let us renew here, our love, one last time. One week of love, and laughter, and reminiscing.”

That was what happened, seven days of bliss, of joining together, of sharing of all of themselves. Charolyn gave to Lictalon all of her self, including all of her psionics, and Lictalon did the same, although with one caveat. Since Charolyn had denied the offer of Godhood, she would not be able to have both of their powers, so he hid it away within her mind, protected until she would accept the offer of Godhood.

After the week had passed, they had one final embrace, and with a start, Charolyn jumped back. “I feel I am with your child! I cannot raise a Godling, for it would go against all that I am standing for. Return here and I shall give you the babe.”

Thus ends the story, for now, of Charolyn and Lictalon. May they unite again some day!


Thus was born Tolmet, contrary to the stories recounted in the Tristine Chronicles, and why neither Lictalon nor Charolyn have seen each other since. I have spoken to Lictalon and Charolyn personally, and I think that they are amenable to a reunion upon the rebirth of Osiris, which they both shall attend. Perhaps you may assist in this! Lictalon feels that she would welcome the chance to truly make a difference in Palladium, with the new kingdom of Koris Gwaisol. Charolyn grudgingly admitted that Lictalon was now “finally doing good work again.” I have hopes, but if I try the reunion they will see it coming, but they might not from you.

Also a note, yes the Gazebo you encountered was the Gazebo with strange powers, manifesting the powers many eons later.

This letter is sent after CrIsis emerges from Hades by Rod Rambler, aka Malkin Falimede, with the note at the bottom attached. This story was created at the players requests, and is shared now as a gm log obligation.


Picture of Lictalon by our own AZ Rune
Charolyn picture by Sharidyon.


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  • If she accepts perhaps there will need to be another Mistress of the Internalists at the Tri-Arcanum

  • Some really cool nuggets here! Knowing Tolmet really IS his daughter makes her turn to evil even more strange. Plus this makes me wonder where this letter fits into things. But ultimately a nice revelation to an ongoing mystery.

    • It fits in to the discussion of her staying- as she says…. it was some of my inspiration for the story.

  • “Nice to hear from me old mate Rod again,” JK

    • Even you are not as old as Rod Jidian….

  • That’s some serious love-making, turning a simple gazebo into a pseudo-hell gate.

  • Okay, I grant you not so old, but I still regard him as a mate.

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