Life Without CrIsis

My Good Friend Malkin

Per your request I have been talking to people throughout all of Palladium in my travels, asking them about CrIsis. You again, as usual, were right- not only are they aware that they are gone, but there is much concern about it.


The first account is from the Wolfen Empire:

“Forgive me, but what do you think we are, simple beasts? After all these years some mucky muck from the Church of Dark and Light finally acknowledges our existence, and then tells us the world has changed, and you ask if I know about CrIsis?? What I know about CrIsis is they never clean up after themselves! I mean, you have heard of Wo-Elfenbrut, haven’t you?”

“So CrIsis makes a deal and now I, and all the other worshipers of the Dark, are supposed to suddenly get along with the Light? I mean, how does that work? I am an Anubis worshiper, and I am supposed to hug someone who worships Bennu now? We hate each other!”

“Worst part is, CrIsis does what they always do- they run away leaving a mess for everyone to clean up! I am attending the Senate meeting next month- you best believe that my leaders are going to hear from this citizen!”


The next account is from Timiro:

“Woe, we need them back now! Literally within one day of their departure the Hordes were again upon us! Orcs, Ogres, Trolls and Goblins came in through the passes, sweeping in from the Old Kingdom, as if CrIsis left the door open upon their leaving.”

“I saw them, up close, once. I was part of their escort to see King Guy when he made them citizens! Of course, there were a lot of different members then, but they were awe inspiring! Even the little ones, you could feel the power coming off of them!”

“They always done right by Timiro! Clumsy, not always spoken well, but that’s why we love them- they ain’t like no polished Emperor or something. That’s the same reason we like Guy- he is one of us! Now CrIsis, they are mighty powerful, so while they might not be all smooth, they put the fear in them Monster folks! I mean, not every monster is a monster you know- I got an Orc in my squad, he be a good guy, but you know what I mean, don’t ya?”

“When CrIsis is here, we don’t get invaded- can you tell them to get back?”


Well, my good friend, my performance calls! I will send you some other accounts soon!

I owe you a pitcher of ale!


Picture by our own AZ Rune.


5 Responses to “Life Without CrIsis

  • Hmmmm, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • Seems they either out right hate us or out right love us. Oh Well?

  • I wonder if they realize it was the head of the actual church and the bishop of Cynopolis that made the deal. Not only did we not have any control over it, the deal was kind of forced upon us to.

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