Long Time No Hear

Gavin? Hello?

To: General Mordox-
From: General Skred-
Concerning: Lack of Response

I have not heard an answer from you since my last missive on the 30th of Thoth, 8 months ago! Your last book had you still alive before that, in Selestra, so I hope no ill has befallen you. I have not heard of you being brought in, dead or alive, so I still have hope you yet live.

I have recently been moved to the Nisi Peninsula, so I think of you often. My responsibilities echo of your adventures. The First Pyramid of Osiris, where you saw Laladan. I am currently using Fort Ac as my base, where you recovered your first piece of Osiris. The town of Sims, where you died, but were resurrected. I hope that you still live now, but I fear for you, as you seem to haunt my every step.

Please let me know that you still live, and if you are to come here. My men are loyal to me, and you will be protected should you wish to meet with the King.

Sent by Skred Uryte on the 18th of Majestic in the 10th Year of King Gedro

Picture of Skred Uryte by Francisco Guerrero.

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