Lookin’ Good


One of our good friends has reminded me that we should reach out to the prior CrIsis members in order let them know their services mattered. We are currently several days into our travels into the Nimro Kingdom of Giants! Sadly, one of the attackers we faced early on got away and let the whole damn country know we were on our way, but that can certainly be the way of things in rough country.

I just finished the prayers of the Celebration of Thoth. All of us are sitting in a crevasse hiding from Giants between Mount Nimro and Mount Nimrod while we also mount a frontal assault (long story involving faerie food and such). It was Xerx’ses that remembered the holiday, but given last Od that should hardly surprise any of us anymore.

Still it is my wish this letter finds you hale and whole.




Sent on the 21st of Thoth after holiday prayer.


Art by fellow player and artist AZ Rune




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