Lost Letters

To my good friend Malkin,

My friend I have gotten word that you have not received my messages. I fear they are being intercepted and I apologize. I will make it up in drink and food. We shall dine together at some point. I swear upon The Dick Ripper that I did write to you. Sorry it is a long story, but apparently I gave Xer’xes his present in an inebriated state. I will have to make amends for the incident. I must tell you though that yes I have proof of the history claims I made. I will carry them with me and give them to you next time I see you. We are headed to face the Blight near the Tree. Wish us luck for he has the Book of the First Sinner. I will write to you in more depth. I hope you get this one.

My family is back as well. I will explain in person. Please omit their return. I hope that one day you may take a vacation to my farm. You would enjoy it there. It truly is a place free of magics and would allow you to free your mind and let ideas flow. When this is all over you will be my guest. I will kill a fattened calf in your honor.

Take Care My Friend,

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