Lost Warriors Return


Just outside of Avramstown, in a heavily forested area, many unseen beings wait in hiding. All are extremely patient and silent. Although the glow of the magic shield shines bright, they cannot be seen. The opposing forces attacking the shield are entirely consumed with its destruction and pay no attention to the forest.

At the fall of the shield the forces rush into the city and are met greatly by many Avramstown troops, losses are heavy by all. At the moment that the enemy seems to gain an upper hand all the unseen forces leap up in synchronous movement and rush onto the field of battle. Not a one speaks a single utterance, but the combined pounding of paws grows into a low rumble.

This catches the attention of some of the rear echelon forces, but for naught. They turn to see many scores of Wolfen overcoming their rear guards easily. The newly joined Wolfen forces slice through the rear units like hot blades through ice. The Mage Leader is killed in this rear flank attack.

Once the support troops are taken care of the three leaders of the menagerie of pure white Wolfen and mixed Wolfen split forces and attack the front line units with elation and passion. None amongst the Wolfen forces seemed concerned with their potential death. All passionately and vigorously attack with blade and jaw; ripping apart the enemy soldiers.

This maneuver turns the tide of the battle and the Eastern forces sound full retreat in utter disgrace. Once it is clear that Avramstown was safe again, one of the leaders just holds his mighty sword in the air and all the remaining Wolfen forces gather their dead and wounded and begin trailing out of Avramstown; the three leaders waiting for all of their troops to leave. A lone Avramstown General approaches the three. He just asks why? The pure white Wolfen with the XIII mark on his head simply says: “Even though we are lost does not mean that we should allow the rest of our kind to become lost also.” With that the three turned and walk out of Avramstown with the rest of their troops.





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