Mack – Log 1

Postscript; So, it seems that Rod Rambler flowered my speech in the letter that I wrote about my conference with His Highness, Lord Ra. It turned from a page of scrawled notes to several sheafs of paper full of flowing sentences, beautifully calligraphed and crafted. Rod, please don’t do that. I am not a man of eloquence.

Post Postscript; Mack, you don’t know what’s good for you. I’ll do it, and you’ll enjoy it. See, I even changed your Postscript. (And I expanded the acronym, because I think it looks better than the two stark letters, P. S.) You’re the leader of the Scions of Isis, the Fist of Ra, CrIsis. You can’t sound like an unlearned plebe. The world got too used to Indaris and Azariel before him, and even Cava had a certain poetry in his insults. Changing it to the reductionist’s hayday that are your notes would throw them off. So shut up and write, let me do my thing. Though, I’ll let the world know your true hand in this, your first log as the leader of CrIsis – your one freebee.

Journey’s Beginning

I felt queasy (Ok, really? Why not “a quickening as my black leather boot clicked on the boarding ramp of the transport, a wind calling to me from over the unknown depths?’’ sorry, I’ll let you put your bland words on the page.) as I stepped onto the boat, and I thought it was just seasickness. The trip from Yin Sloth to Bletherad was a nightmare, but I had somewhere to be, so I mastered it, and soldiered on. It wasn’t seasickness, but a teleport spell by the Gods. I appeared to CrIsis, and it was an odd sight. The Minotaur, Xerx’ses, looked like he was in the middle of a prayer when he stopped to gape at me. Indaris looked both relieved and resigned.

And then I saw Ursus. Unfortunately I hadn’t quite grasped how tall he was. As tall as a frost giant but worse – he was wide like a bear too. Without thinking I stepped back and drew my daggers Life and Death from their hidden sheaths. By the time I caught myself, Ursus asked me – in a completely human voice – to please sheath the daggers. Ashamed at my break of honor, I did so, and proclaimed Ursus to be as righteous and good as any in CrIsis. I vowed to protect CrIsis till death.

They told me I was the new leader, once we’d settled down for dinner. Indaris sat next to me, and handed me several Old Kingdom Dragon Coins, saying a Leader needed to be able to Lead. He walked me through several of the known issues we’d be working through. His help will help a lot in the future.

I asked to kick off the ‘Fireside Chat’ to induct me into the group, and I shared my story with them. We became closer, though they still don’t know me well enough to love me as a brother. I accidentally misspoke about time, and my greatest secret came out. Xerx’ses seemed strangely happy to be in the group with me.

We spoke throughout the night about Terosh’s Armada heading for Nimiro, verified by both Ra’s words and a letter from someone in Ursus’ past. We spoke about the Millennium tree, and the Necromancer. Eventually we decided to:

Teleport to Timiro, to head overland to Nimro,
Covertly take the piece from the Ogre King (to be planned)
Teleport to the Millennium Tree to drop off the Arm,
Kill the Necromancer (to be planned)
Kill Terosh – Somehow (to be planned)

With a plan in mind, we decided to pay a visit to Azariel, who’d been studying as an Alchemist in a shop in Sekti Abtu. We visited him, though there was quite a wait with dozens of people waiting to be helped. We finally met with Azariel, and friends renewed their friendship. It seems the Pantheon of Ra finally has their personal Alchemist.

We visited the temple of Khonsu afterward. It was strange, having once followed Khonsu, and being in a public temple to him. Memories came to me of my time in the Orc Empire. I still respect him, but I serve Horus faithfully.

Our tasks complete, we got help from the priests and teleported to Nisi, where Indaris was assaulted by Nara.

And as always, My prayers to Horus.

[Magnus Fieri, Monster Hunter. Year 4 of CrIsis.]

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