Master Xerx’ses Goldenhorn – Head of the Weavers

To my lovely lifemate, Chieftain Laval’liere Lightbringer,

It is my hope that the tribal “Exodus” back to Fort Etrinan is on schedule. I realize I have no idea what that schedule is nor do I want to. I have some news I hope will be well received especially by any practicing Wizardry, Diabolism, or even Summoning among our…

…I can’t believe I get to write these words…

…growing ‘Tribe’!!!!!

Oh, I had Master Silent Dream perform a Mind Bond with myself and then with Kom’var so he would also know of the budding resurrection of the tribe. It made me so happy to tell him he had a home to go home to, it almost made me forget that only an 4 out of 5 chance of his continued survival when the spell ends. I am just trying to find a way to make his soul more “robust?” or “filled?” I want him to live so badly, because I told Mistress Annie I would not turn her into a Minotaur unless Kom’var succeeds in growing a soul. It makes me happy to know the tribe is already becoming accustomed to living with other races as my forebears did thousands of years ago. I got distracted talking about the tribe I forgot to mention the good news!

I won the election last night on the 20th of Grekar. This morning of the 21st of Grekar, I was taken to the top of the Tri-Arcanum Guild’s famous three lobed tower. There I was indoctrinated into my positions and the sigil of the Tri-Arcanum appeared with a Dwarven Runic Styled Script “W” in its center upon everything I owned! Now I am hoping that with the new peace established between the Wolfen Republic and the Eastern Territories – also called the Dominion of Hooman. That maybe I can begin the process of making headway for not just Minotaurs, but I hope all non-fair-folk’ed races to eventually have equal rights! Then race will one day no longer be a factor for determining good and evil. Then it will be the character that people will look at to come to those conclusions.

Just as I don’t expect you to share every detail of the business of the tribe with me (since I am not a chieftain among them). So to must certain aspects of my job as the Head Weaver be kept out the books and those points I won’t discuss with you. However, I will tell you that I can or can’t discuss a topic rather than leaving you in the dark. So while I can say Master Wesvon Mardeen – Head of the Granted, Mistress Charolyn Karath – Head of the Internalists, and I went to the top of the tower to perform the indoctrination ceremony. I gave an oath not to discuss the details of what was taught to me or I was instructed in.

Master Rincewind was invited to dinner with CrIsis so I could adhere to the unintended rule I made in his presence. His collection of first edition books now have some of the most famous signatures of our merry band within its covers. Over the evening my friends came and went about other interests they had within the arcane tower. I took the time to talk with Master Rincewind well into the night. I had only one request about our conversation was to keep the topics about the Tri-Arcanum and/or the tower itself. He was very accommodating and I found out the hard way I am not a pipe smoker. He laughed so hard he fell out of his chair citing the word NEWB! Sigh.

On the morrow I am hoping to reach out to King Hafton about how we go about making the citizens of his fair city of Wisdom comfortable around me. There will be an adjustment period for certain. I am hoping one day to open up an embassy for our tribe to either the Timiro Kingdom and/or Wisdom as they are both homes for me now. I hope it can be done in both of them. I am going to spend the remainder of the night getting use to my new rooms and office. Purple sheets for the bed to remind me of you I think are in order.

Even though I never got to say it all here is my speech for becoming Head Weaver. Now its only for the record of the Books of CrIsis.

We must now consider the period which is just drawing to a close among our Tri-Arcanum Guild. As what was considered almost the last stage of our national story among the Eastern Territories. Our hallowed leader among the Weavers, Master Kel-ed said nay and against his wishes he honored our bonds with the lands we call home. As a fiery phoenix might blaze before its resurrection, and he prepared our countrymen to acquit themselves worthy opponents on the fields of war. With his sacrifice and the machinations of other inspired men and women did we survived the darkest heart of war’s befouled edge. Through the marvelous design of the legends that have come before us and stand witness to this election of providence which has continued our august Guild into this fortunate age.

Yes, we Weavers, Granted, Internalists, owe Master Kel-ed and those souls that did their duty an undertaking which has new eyes focusing the gaze of our universe. You must conquer still, because you are prepared for the tactics that decide the fate of battles. We are warriors of the will, virtue, and mind and it is up to us to guide those good gentles that seek our counsel wisely and with fervor among the roads of the future. You must not think yourselves unworthy of the creatures that became the celestial ones who entered the ranks of a War of Chaos, and who contended not in vain with the proud conquerors of the Megaverse! To this wonderful page in our Guild’s history another more glorious still will be added, and those we call brother and sister shall show at last to his fellows a sharpened weapon forged from the links of his soul graven fetters.

To the future, then, all of you! By honoring the traditions upheld by our late friend, and continued by Master Mustrum, we can hone our souls, forge fetters to build upon our will and see into the great expanse that is the unknown of a new day! Cast away all the cowards from your embraces; they will give you only to wither your souls’ growth. Seek knowledge both light and dark for one must know thy enemy to defeat them. But cower not in the quick and easy roads to power and glory for they are vain and hallow as the soul in Gul Sharzol, and his lackeys of vim and vinegar which failed to bring me low. Let his narrow and timid doctrinaires depart from among us to carry their servility and their miserable fears elsewhere. We are the Harbingers of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Power tempered by experience, not subject to the whims of creatures beyond these realms, even though we will entreat and choose to serve them as “WE” deem fit. We are not their slaves, but chosen and cherished emissaries with our own will to answer to when only our eyes are upon us! This, my fellows, is the heart of what it means to be our own master. Our will wishes to not only be the brother of other peoples, but to look on the insolent with a proud glance, not to grovel before them imploring its own freedom. Our will shall no longer follow in the trail of men whose hearts are foul. No! No! No!

Providence has presented our Guild with a new leader by dawn’s early light While I hope to be that leader for our part of the guild. Every Weaver should rally round them! By the side of the new Head Weaver every quarrel should be forgotten, all rancor depart.

Once more I repeat my battle-cry: “To the future, then, all of you!” If Grekar, 345th year of the Dominion, does not find all of the Weavers in arms, then alas for liberty of the mind, alas for the life of our Guild. Ah, no, far be from me a thought which I loathe like poison. Grekar, 345th year of the Dominion, will find us Weavers at our posts. Masters: Mustrum Stibbons, Elminster Amore, even Gwydion Belgarath, and with us every single one of you who is not a coward or a slave to a will not of your own accord. Let all of us rally round and receive, then, my gallant Weavers the honored conclusion of these elections and a word of hope from me.

I utter this word with deepest affection and from the very bottom of my heart. Today I am obliged to seek the highest office of my faction within the greater guild. Let those only return to their homes who are called by the imperative duties which they owe to their families, and those who by their glorious deeds have deserved the credit of their country. These, indeed, will serve the Tri-Arcanum Guild in their homes by their counsel, by the very aspect of the scars which adorn their brows. Apart from these, let all others remain to guard our roads as they trek forward to our renewed and glorious future. We shall meet again before long to march together to the enlightenment of knowledge among our brothers and sisters of the guild. We shall ever meet again before the new triumphs that await us on the morrow.

I wish I had gotten to finish it for everyone. May it also inspire the world if possible.

Amor Meus Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
Osiris’ Unyielding Strength,
Immortal War Wizard of CrIsis,
Head Weaver for the Tri-Arcanum Guild,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent the night of the 21st of Grekar, 4th year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 72nd Year of the Wolfen Empire, 345th year of the Dominion of Man, and 25th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<
Pictures by AZ_Rune.

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