Willy climbed up the mountain known as his room after a long day at sea. After reaching the bed area he collapsed onto his back from exhaustion.  He turned his head to see his friend painting on the wall of their bed chambers. “What ya painting big guy?” he asked the eagle. Black Thunder turned his head completely around and squawked without dropping his paint brush. “What do you mean its not ready? Let me see, I won’t say anything mean I promise!” the gnome panted. With reluctance the eagle stepped backwards to reveal the pornographic images of two eagles making love in numerous positions. Some of the pictures were so shocking they should not be described for fear of making young girls blush, women faint, and queens moist. He looked bashful at the passionate love making mural on the wall only feet from their beds. They stood tall. Willy inspects the murals, recalling the various moves that were displayed in the barn. He smiles. “Don’t get too attached.” he says, “you never know if things will work out. Best prepare for the worst.” Black Thunder screeches sadly. He follows Willy into the cave. They smoke a bit thinking about their romps with their new friends. For Willy is unsure, will this be someone he wants to be with? He is a free spirit, he does not need someone holding him back, but she seems like a free spirit too. Willy would have to give up his provocative lifestyle. Could he do that? He tosses a pine cone over the cliff and watches it fall. He has never been serious before, but that’s because no one could keep up with him. This is a weird feeling. He looks back at the eagle mural. He just needs to get rest and think it over. At least he has his eagle friend. They cuddle for warmth next to Bilby. Black Thunder spoons Bilby to establish dominance.


Picture from Mixed Martial


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