My Soul Is Lighter, Thank You!!

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Zeelik at the Etrinan Caves.

Dear Zeelik,

Brother, SO much to go over! First off I jumped for joy (admittedly the small ones were worried as well, small things are just, they tend to be breakable) and then shared your note with my friends. You are a good soul and I am so gladdened in my heart she will be taken care of by one who will treat her well! My heart gushes with joy for you and Luur’na! Should I live through this I pray to be blessed with such a noble soul for a bride, and yes a pretty soul as well. So proud of you both!!

When it comes to the Serelan tribe you can’t celebrate me that much. CrIsis is no one person and I stand in awe of my teammates even when we get each others nerves. They are heroes and we are trying to bring back the great Lawgiver himself. We are there for each other and often my friends stick up for me, even when leaving me behind would be easier in most surface cities we are hunted and called Spawn of the Old Ones! I would ask how Mergerij is upon reading word that our teacher was injured so!?!? I promise you all that the day will come I will crush Groun’na for what he did in corrupting our tribe and turning his back on us! On the Light! I cannot forgive the atrocities he is committing in the name of evil.

Now on moving to the Serelan caves I think this is an excellent plan! I support it and I would hope that Drak’u’san made it there. By now I hope you know the story of Master Aesyl’s death from him. Xixin is a good soul and won’t steer you wrong. Crush the dark ones!

I have quest for only the bravest of the tribe to undertake. Today I have set in motion events to bring Minotaurs and hoomans working together into practice. Groff Shipping via the Gold Coast Trading Company is bringing 200,000 gold coins to the Temple of Isis in Troker. I need 2-4 Priests of Light from our tribe, the Serelan Tribe or a combination of both and maybe a protector or two as well. I need them to go to the Temple and maintain it. My names was added to a safe list by King Kai of Troker and may help or not. However, while we were there our priest of Isis, Brother Indaris, brought forth a miracle of restoration and non-violence for a time upon the whole of the city from what I could see! This has restored the Great Lady within the walls of Troker. Now I need priests and some protectors to help run it and make it grow. To step into the light of day and stand for our beliefs and be counted among the faithful. We might have worshiped for thousands of years the good gods but we have never had our faith tested until now! Our good Brother and I are headed for a city called Aracho to give another 100,000 gold coins to the hooman Priests of Isis to come and help your people maintain this temple.

I plead to you as our leader to send this aid if any be brave enough and it will be dangerous, it will be hard, but this is where we can be counted now among the races of good and those that dwell in the light of the Ma’at. Grant this and by Horus vengeful hand I will bring you Groun’na’s head and make sure Zii’clymnt can never harm anyone else, EVER AGAIN!

Alas, more awaits me and I fear I may miss the glorious day of your souls being bound as one. I look towards stars where I know you could see them and on the day of the bonding I will smile and know the gods benevolence in my heart all the days to come. Today a hooman tried to mis-state my words when I uttered a prayer earlier and he was struck down in the streets by lightning from the gods!

Now I am off to compete in games to win a piece of the Lawgiver. I am not sure but when you can send word to me or Father Philip in Aracho to co-ordinate the hooman priests on pilgrimage. Soon by the 16th of Set I should be in Wisdom at the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild. Of which I am also a member of, and also if all else fails their is Brother Malkin at the Library of Bletherad, he can always get word to us.

You both will be my family and I could not be happier!

With love,

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon eve of the 30th of Kym-nark-mar the year 111. <<<

Picture of Zeelik by DeaconZR

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