My Wife


Oh my dearest, I have looked upon the core and the face of our goddess and she says that in you is she well pleased. She wanted to congratulate you on your promotion within the priesthood, and again I send my own warmest congratulations.

There have been changes in me since last we met. I have been…well you could say I have been promoted as well, only I was given the rank of Demi-god. Now, before you get any ideas I will not have you worship me, as it is my job to kneel before you.

We have much to discuss the next time we meet, which I hope will be sooner rather than later. I have discussed the matter of progeny with Bast, and she assures me that you shall now be able to take seed, as in the past you have not.

I go now into a dark realm ruled by a god who wishes me harm, but I shall always return to you, queen of my heart.



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