New Toys and Old Dead Guys

The trouble with zombies


If anyone wanted this letter then good for them. It seems that the last two weeks of being covered in decomposing wet fecal matter that calls itself a jungle has given me a chance to see Yin Sloth Jungles in a whole new light. Instead of being a hot festering putrid sweat lodge the winters here are a bit different. There is so much rain and mist that this must be the ‘rain’ season. It’s cold at night and extra effort is made to keep the fire going. Why on Thoth’s green earth did I come back to this mud hole?

I know. It was for Osiris. Thoth knows I hate this place. Give me a snow covered cap any day. At least winter in Bizantium is predictable.

At any rate, I got a new sword. Dwarven quality named Ceire (the name was on it already) and named my Kobold sword (MorAim, dwarven for Brave Cutter).

I’ll tell you all about it.

We were near the Floenry Islands at a place called Dragon’s Roost on our buddy Rogtilda. We had just got out of the grips of a barbarian dragon and man that battle was tough. Really could have gone for an awesome ‘General Bard’ to sing about it.

Wink Wink Nudge Nudge. There’s my vanity, sorry.

So we were just licking our wounds when an intense light appeared with two personages in it. I knew that this was either really good or really really bad. Thankful it was the first, yet somehow it was also the later. Appearing in the light was an old friend Jidian and a kobold (I assumed was a servant initially) named Asher. The kobold, old and balding, then exchanged nothing for Ylren his CrIsis ring. Ylren (whom I had barely a chance to know) then disappeared and the two in the light explained everything as the light faded. To be honest I was confused. Perhaps it was the beating that I got going against the dragon.

The team after chatting it up decided to go back to the Wooly Dragon’s den and loot the house of ‘goodies’. I suspected that there would possibly be some trouble and I loved loot but I had some real reserves about going back into the ‘lion’s den’ as it were. There have been too many dragons in my short life. I have only lived to 10% of what I am supposed to. I really want to live to see Mary and grow old with her.

Before we went inside (it took three days to get there) Indaris healed me back to my old self. Part of me was grateful for what he did; the other part of me was ready to die. Did I mention we were on an island with jagged rocks? If you have never experienced Abu, the best way I can explain it is a money possessed lemur. Well this island was chalk full of these creatures; always in hiding. I hate them. When we got to the entrance after the tree days of travel we hadn’t really seen those annoying creatures. At the mouth of the cave there they are; hundreds! Ok I am exaggerating there was one. It pounced on the priests face and jumped off running back into the forest that we had just come out of. I was certain that it was a bad omen.

Then Tyvernos decided that he could not go into that cave. Indarus opted to stay with the gnome. With our numbers now lightened by two I was so twitchy I almost ran out of the cave on more then occasion. I wasn’t sure why we were on this mission but I was told ‘gold’ and that was enough to keep going. In the dark we wondered over and over til we came to the prize of our obsession, a chest with magic protecting it inside and out. I really don’t know how we didn’t get killed but we disarmed the magic by bashing the chest against the wall and bam… open. There is a nice share for everyone. Well there was more wondering but nothing new except my new sword (awesome) and frankly I wanted to get out of there and get back to boat. When we exited it was two days after the first reign of Mini. It is a shame that he stepped down. I know that it was for a purpose. Probably saved the country.

On the boat we were able to rest and frankly the salt water smell was soothing. Let the monsters come; I was in my element. Lucky us, there was no monsters, pirates or any other unwanted unmentionables in the water.

For almost a month we sailed. The dragon nightmares were starting to subside and I was feeling better. Did I mention that I have begun to hate dragons? They are such a mystery and have their own agenda. How does Kym Nark Mar explain it to his followers? I am certain that there is something that mortals see in these beings.

The worst of the trip was a ghost that visited Xerx’ses but it was an old master of magic. I thought that once you’re dead it would take a person a lot of personal energy to appear but hey it was an ancient wizard, so….

Well anyway we sailed to Yin Sloth. Ugh. I really hope that Osiris appreciates this. We arrived in Mishala and our stay was short because we were jumping on a coach and headed to the necromancer we were going to get Osiris and get out of there. The coach ride was smooth and the food and service was nice but once we got the destination we were kicked out and the coach and disappeared. Can’t blame them this was cold, wet, smell funny (like wet minotaur, one of my farts and decomposing plant mixed) and gave us the willies; and no wonder really, the place was crawling with the dead, undead and servants of the dark. Eight days of chopping vines and limbs of the dead; undead; living, it got to me. I am so glad that we have a cleanse spell. The bodies and wild animals just piled up. At least we had food though I thought that we could do better for eats. It was then we finally got to the ‘Cave of Wonders’. I ain’t kidding the cave had a mouth of a cat open and ready to eat us.

In the cave we finally had got out of the rain (thank Thoth) and could finally wring out our clothes and could dump out the water out of our shoes. My beard still smelled like the jungle but it was dry. A fire was set and we spent the night in the mouths opening. The following day we went inside and man it was more of the same. What was a real frustration was there was no necromancer. Well passing over a crevasse with flight and using it to travel we then had multiple forms of attack by air. Electric arrows are awesome. After cutting though more crap we saw her; a vision and beauty, the necromancer. She was sitting in the middle of a pool of calm water and on the shore closest to us was her horde of uglies. They attacked without mercy and when she realized how organized we were she retreated and left her chest of goodies for us to claim.
So here we sit; fire light relaxing. Man this has been a ride. Some of the other guys speculate that this gal was not even the criminal we were after as she didn’t have the piece. More than one? Sure it makes sense that there would be a coven of necromancers. Man we are going to get it. Anyway I’ll let you go, might just shave my beard to get rid of this smell.

Written by Overkill on the 12th of Grekar in the 2nd year of King Wilgan.

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