No One Can Pick Them Like Jershon

To our esteemed Warden of the Shield of Light,

Do you like the name?

We had quite the go around about choosing a new name in the Divine Bubble of Time that the gracious and wondrous Apis bestowed upon Khonsu’s Reaper for his donations of time and hard work to those downtrodden and in deserving need. It was a close race and the runner up name was Orodûm od Ovkral or Obligation of Overkill. Despite what Khonsu’s Revenant might say the ship is not named, Ansa. Yes, Shield of Light, is the name for our new Timirian Bark.

I would love to explain why this letter might arrive before any others, he have been given a month via divine magic to take care of one of our own’s family. I know this news may seem shocking but the tenant of the Agreement actually explains why we can use this now. It seems that not without cost we may be able to undo some of the wrongs of the Dark now. Below I have copied the article of the Agreement making this action a non-violation.

7. Knowledge must be earned, not granted!

We have earned the knowledge to turn back a wrong done some 17 years ago. Now I am going to be vague about how we are fixing the situation so it cannot be traced. Suffice to say we shall reappear in normal time on the 24th of Grekar just before dawn. We have a meeting with the magistrate of Wisdom to make amends. Then via magic we shall journey ourselves forthwith to rejoin the crew. Ahh, heavenly mother, this is the reason for the missive. Our good captain would like you to begin vetting up to 60 crew and we will whittle down the selection to between 40 to 50 when we get back. Also make ready all supplies and gear (not the warded chests, we can move those upon returning) to the Shield of Light.

May the blessings of Isis and Xerx’ses be upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis,

Sent on the night of the 23rd of Grekar in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.

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