Oh great goddess Bast

I have been thrusting myself into your work over the past couple of days. Twice in each day I have brought others to an awareness of your glory and all four times they have come to a better appreciation of your wonder.

First, I awakened a Paladin of Rurga to her inner girl. Candles and lavender softened the hard edges of both her room and body as she submitted herself to my ministrations. She wanted to be treated as glass, and so I did. It wasn’t about the games of domination that are so rampant in her order, but I did lead her to a personal truth for which she was grateful at the end of our time together. Our time was unfortunately limited as a captain of the guard for the Tri-Arcanum guild needed attention of an entirely different sort.

I chained him to the wall in the splayed eagle, held aloft by the chains on his wrists and ankles. He screamed for mercy as I tortured him mercilessly, but he never once screamed out his safe word, which was Xer’xses strangely enough. I left him in a boneless heap on his floor the next morning with a sigh on his lips and a smile on his face.

The next night began with fraternal twins and tax collectors, or should I say fraternal twins who were tax collectors?. One male and one female. I’d thought this to be another ‘ogre fantasy’, as many twins have, but this was something else entirely. Everything I brought to the table, they simply added to, and it was a feedback loop of proportions even greater than my totem pole. It was a short session, but even I walked out of there on noodle like legs and neither of them were aware enough to even notice that I was leaving. They were both staring off into space and grinning like fools.

Upon arriving at Wesvon’s door I found an orgy in full swing. Clothes seemed optional so I slipped into my most comfortable attire, or should I say slipped out of all my attire and into the arms of the closest elf who would have me. I became the favorite party favor of the evening and was passed around the room multiple times. While nothing like the twins, there were some adventuresome attendees at the party, and I even got to bring out my whips a couple of times. There are some of the higher members of the Tri-Arcanum sitting and shifting uncomfortably on sore behinds even as I write this. They are grinning at me, however, so I know every time they feel the pain they are remembering my ministrations.

All this was done under your watch and hopefully with your blessing.

Prayer written and then burned by Grignak on the 22nd of Grekar.

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