Official Military Communiqué to High Prince Tribunia X Ulrich

Treachery abounds Brother

High Prince Tribunia X Ulrich,
I send this dispatch NOT as your brother but as one of your soldiers whom is loyal to the Empire and is troubled by some information that has been obtained. As you well know I took my leave to serve CrIsis. On one of our missions, I visited the Isle of Cyclops. While there I observed brother Wolfen being used as gladiators and fodder. Some of them were Iron Claw, and I am almost certain that I recognized one of them as a missing soldier in the most recent battle with the Easterns. He was presumed dead, but may have been captured. My suspicions are that Wolfen prisoners of the Easterns and others captured off the streets are being sold as slaves into the Gladiatorial market and shipped to the Island. While we have no control over the Easterns, it is just another vile act of a dishonorable foe. The Coyles may be involved in it also. I am unable to affect the ones that are currently on the Island, but plan to do something about their circumstance as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, I send this information to one of the only folk I can trust to act on it. You, my Tribunia.

Your loyal soldier,
Grand Earl Quingia Ballistia I-I Raulf Bozkurtlar

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