Olive Branch

Sir Thurgood,

I would like to personally thank you for your actions today and over the past few days of the Lopanic Games. It was not my intention to pry, but I had begun to gauge the emotions of the crowd during the fight between Indaris and Xer’xses, trying to determine if there was action that I needed to take to safeguard my fellows. As such, I felt your gall when you had to say what you did to us.

I appreciate the words, and understand the sentiment that your emotions represent. And while the actions of my fellow have cast us once again into a bad light, I would say to you that you are appreciated, and that I hope that if we aren’t ever to be friends, then at least we can be colleagues. I know not what god you worship, or even to what pantheon your god belongs, so I hope you will excuse me my ignorance while I ask Ra’s blessing upon you.

There are good people all over this planet, and you are one of them, I am sure. You exemplify those tenets of faith that I myself strive, and fail, to achieve. You are honest and true, even when it causes you pain. If I can aspire to be more like you in the future, then I will consider myself well served.

The actions of CrIsis may yet bring us into conflict in the future, an act that I sincerely hope never comes to pass. If we do find ourselves on opposite sides of the fight, I will not shirk my duty, as I know you will not shirk yours. But after, I hope we can meet as brothers and down a drink or two in the cause of righteousness.

Asher, dated this 7th day of the 10th month of my 99th year.

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