On A Wing and A Prayer

28th of Pegasus
Dear Father Philip-

29th Pegasus continued.
Dear Father Phillip, I thought that after the hectic night we had, that we would be free to rest for the competition the next day, but the enemy had decided that if they couldn’t distract us from the competition, that they would at least make it so we weren’t working at our top potential, and they somewhat succeeded. After Elanu, left we decided that leaving him alone probably wasn’t a good idea, so some of us escorted him home whilst the others of us decided it was time to check on what was happening with the demons Tyvernos, and Jadeir had spotted, I had little doubt in my mind that their perfidious deeds are somehow linked with the situation at hand. Mighty magics turned me into a bird, and what an experience that was, the world looks so different, so peaceful from up on high, and looking at it you couldn’t have guessed this bright and colourful town had a viper clenched tightly to its breast. It was very disconcerting though whenever I saw a piece of trash or something that might have been food I had a strong urge to fly down and stake my claim screaming mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, but the flight was exhilarating. I will recommend it as a travel method if you get a chance as it almost seemed effortless to fly.

Jadeir, and Tyvernos led us straight to the den of evil they had found, and as there was only a couple of us it seemed right that we would reconnoiter, and if there was no one in immediate trouble, would report back to the others and decide what to do. Tyvernos cleverly found a small hole in the ceiling tiles and eves as the place looked like it was starting to let go of things like general maintenance. After some scrabbling about we all managed to get in. Inside there was and old lady and an old man, with the evil ne’er do ‘well looking men reporting to the old lady, who then reported back to the old man, and the stench of evil coming from those two was powerful, and there was something that didn’t quite seem right about them. We had the brilliant idea of setting up the eye tile that the enemy had left for us. After some wriggling about we even managed to succeed.
After that bit of skullduggery we then decided it was time to leave, before we used up all our luck and got caught.

We made it back to Elanu’s without a hitch, and as we were supposed to be up early for the matches we decided to retire to try to conserve what strength we had remaining.
But even later (I should say morning) in the evening Tyvernos woke me with happy news. The gnome was definitely the worse for wear, and as I needed the sleep I thought I would negate poison on him to sober him up, but the news was still the same. Mikala was back, apparently the reason we couldn’t find him was because he and his date had gone somewhere private and had been celebrating and knew nothing of what happened. I negated the poisons on Mikala as well and got him to check his things as we had powerful things of our own taken but his personal assistant assured him that everything was there.
We then decided we should go check his Mikala’s date, as the plot was aimed at him as well, she might have been caught up in it too. We gathered our things, but left Overkillr and Xerx’ses sleeping, as they had a much better chance at winning then I did, and if there was trouble Mikala was bringing guards.
We headed off straight away, and I picked up that we were taking a somewhat circuitous route towards the apothecary’s shop where the bad guys are. I thought a bit of caution might be needed as the enemy might have watchers on alert so I drew the three sisters as I walked up to Mikala to warn him and something caught my eye.
The eyes of the sisters glittered with a black malice, supernatural evil was nearby. I looked up to warn narrowed with malice. I called out an Incoherent warning to my friends and stumbled, holding up the three sisters as if they were a cross and Mikala was a vampire. I uttered a prayer quickly, stumbling over the words and getting them wrong. Tyvernos and Jadier however quickly caught on and a gust of wind bowled the guards and whatever the thing that looked like Mikala was just as he ordered the guards to attack us. The disruption gave me time to gather my thoughts and my wits
I raised the three sisters in the air
In the Multitude of names of Isis I stand with the power of the light to to bind the forces of darkness, evil spirits, demonic forces, satanic powers, principalities, along with all kings and princes of terrors, from the air, water, fire, ground, netherworld, and the evil forces of nature.
I take authority over all demonic assignments and functions of destruction sent against me, and I expose all demonic forces as weakened, defeated enemies of the church of light. I stand with the power of the Lady of the Underworld to bind all enemies of her holy self present together, all demonic entities under their one and highest authority, and I command these spirits into the abyss to never again return. Their assignments and influences are over.
The three heads took up my chant, and each time they repeated the prayer, Mikala shrunk back, and blurred, with parts of him ripping off and disappearing into the darkness, and then all our voices joined with the Power of Isis and Mikala disappeared, torn to shreds by the prayer. When I looked over some strange looking, translucent arms were retracting or recoiling back into Tyvernos, who just smiled and winked. No wonder he is so popular with the ladies. After a quick chat we decided enough was enough, it was time to get some of our own back. Tranny and Tyv returned with the 2 guards, and came back with the rest of the party. I breathed a sigh of relief, even though they looked grumpy they were still exterminators of evil, and are good at it. Overkill especially looked keen to breaks some heads, but considering what had just happened in the last few days, the fact that he hadn’t gone crazy and slaughtered everyone was a definite point in his favour.
We decided stealth (Think a Minotaur, a greater air elemental, an otterman, a dwarf and a gnome all sneaking up to a house) was probably the best way to start, so we snuck up very close to the herbalists shop. I then unslung the Sisters of Dawn and held them out in front of me. I stilled my mind and quickly said a prayer, and again the heads repeated it, and on the third repetition they glowed and the voice became louder, and the evil taste in the air disappeared. The group at the back and the group at the front then kicked the doors in simultaneously. The fight was sharp and vicious, taking about thirty seconds, Xerx’ses got his carpet of adhesion of to stop them fleeing, but blocked him as well, so he took the easy expedient of going through the wall instead. I kept an eye out for reinforcements, but as their demonic friends had been banished the people inside were no match for Crisis. Soon they were all dead except one, whom we bound, but yet again the magic of the dark gods found their faithful follower and he joined his friends in oblivion. They had tried to destroy as much of the writings as they could, but thankfully the Ashada had something to deal with the fire and put it out so we could collect some documents important to the enemy. We then burnt the diseased and filthy place to the ground. By the time the watch arrived the house was burning merrily, that nest of snakes were going to need to find another location to stay, which we were pretty sure they had.
After the excitement Xerx’ses and Overkill had to head straight back to bed, which I really wanted as well, but as Elanu was out I decided to send a guard after one of the competitors known as Joe, as he seemed to be working with these gentlemen.
I then managed to crawl into bed, my eyes closing before my head hit the pillow, and then someone with unknown parentage woke me up a minute later to tell me breakfast was ready, and that I needed to go, as I was in the duels. I managed to drag myself out to the table and Xerx’ses and Overkill were already there finishing their meals. I wolfed down some bread and cheese with some grapes and we headed out to the Tourney.

The Noise was back, food vendors were calling out their wares, if I wanted ice cream I would have asked for it, and they wouldn’t shut up.
We took our positions and fought our beginning foes. I could hear ooh’s and aah’s coming from the other fights, but resisted the urge to look as my foe, a wily looking human seemed to be better at this then me. Suddenly he lunged forward, stabbing out with his sword as hard as he could, I stumbled backwards, swinging my sword in a useless parry and my foot caught something and I fell backwards, this definitely took my opponent by surprise as he lunged forward his foot caught mine and he tumbled down onto me, knocking the wind out of me. We lay there for a second and I heard him cursing, as we got up I noticed blood on his hands, and he touched a rent in his armour with some blood coming out of it. I had won, he had mostly fell on my sword.
My second fight went worse, I managed to tag my opponent once, but he rallied and cut me up one arm. I congratulated him and he left me with a smile.
My last fight ended up being bareknuckle against Overkill, I remember him saying I don’t want to hurt you, and the world went black.
Happily our party did have fighters, and they did much better then I, but Xerx’ses took the win for the pentathlon.

There was an award ceremony late that afternoon, and even Elanu’s mood improved somewhat. We had done what we needed and could now relax.

Authored in the early morning of the 30th by Indaris Excellar

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